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Full Moon at 1º Aquarius July 23, 2021

by Sol W Jonassen

〰️ Shine, dear one, shine! 〰️

As the Full Moon is marking a shift in the astrological climate, we are now looking forward with greater understanding and wisdom. Your emotional body has gone through a massive purification lately, and new strength is now available, creating an opportunity to go out into the world and show off your colors again! Shine, dear one, shine!

One should think that it would be appropriate that the planets took some time off from all this intensity of late, but no. There is no stopping the eternal cosmological clock.

However, the fresh breath of a creative Leo Sun will inspire you to actually do what you can with what you have. The Sun is the eternal heart beating. And despite whatever obstacle life lays in your way, you will start feeling the depth of your heart at an even deeper level thanks to the previous Plutonic forces of last week and their purifying effect.

When you know what you love, you also know who you are. It is time to open the heart and express it courageously.

The week isn’t devoid of drama, though. The Gods love a good drama, and this week is no exception. The Full Moon itself speaks clear and loud that it is time to raise your awareness and search for new perspectives. The combination of Leo and Aquarius is rock’n’roll. It is pure creativity and ingenuity. The only thing that can stop this rollercoaster of creative fun is the deep and brooding Mercury opposite Pluto. Underneath, in the sub-terrain of your persona, some hidden layers of inner motivation are revealed. You will face your own mental patterns and examine whether or not they serve your deeper purpose. Fears and worries may arise, and communication can go haywire due to a strong emotional imagination.

One thing that is important to notice with such an opposition: Never assume. Ask before making any judgments. Keep your privacy if that suits you, or open up if that is needed. But do not fall for the temptation of going so deep that you cannot catch some air. This is an obsessive and compulsive opposition coming in the aftermath of whatever unfolded during the Fullmoon, so the spontaneous expression of love and life that is Leo might come with a hangover in the form of your insecurities rising. It doesn’t help that Venus is in self-critical mode over in Virgo. The best way to utilize this part of the cosmic cocktail is to serve your needs, take care of your body and health and be meticulous about the details. This can help you to improve the quality of your daily life. Clean out and create space.

As this lunar phase nears its end, Mars and Jupiter will have made an opposition, and Jupiter is heading back into Aquarius, while Mars enters Virgo. The opposition can give rise to courage and willingness to grow that can catapult you into a new adventure. And with the transition of these two planets from Fire and Water into Earth and Air, a more cerebral and practical modus operandi will come into effect. It is time to implement those grandiose plans with some actual action. As it is said: Action speaks louder than words, so anything that smells fishy will be under scrutiny.

Dreams need grounding to blossom. Now there is a window open. Climb through it and take a bold and brave step toward the next and upgraded version of yourself. It is a Saturn square Uranus after all. Nothing will be the same.

Sol W Jonassen

? Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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