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Full Moon at 27º Aries Oct 20, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ Newfound Shores 〰️

Full Moons amplify, ignite, and illuminate. Literally, they shed light on the dark, and if we look at it from the aspect of the psyche, they have a way of exposing the unconscious. As La Luna is the queen of the realms of feelings when she is full, so are we.

It is a time where our passions and vulnerabilities are exposed and can be witnessed in the light. Like a spotlight focused so that we may revel in that which has previously been in the dark. Passions can run high with a Full Moon, seemingly intensifying our feelings and our most personal identifications.
Like the tides, she pulls on us and pulls things up to the surface to be seen. Often unearthing hidden treasures in seemingly perfect timing for discovery. Like it was “only a matter of time” before this “issue,” this conversation, this argument, this “run in,” surfaced into reality.

Full Moons symbolize a juncture of a powerful confrontation between the inner self and the outer world. They are technically an opposition between the Sun representing our externalized expression and purpose and the Moon representing our inner emotional self.

Often during Full Moon times, we are given the opportunity to experience our deepest inner needs revealed through the reflection of another.

When in Aries, we’re being asked to recognize the Warrior. The archetype of the chosen one – self-chosen. Emboldened with the power to stand up, take charge, go forth, and lead oneself into the unknown. Aries is all about living in the risk of taking and having the experience.

This is the sign that teaches vividly about the power and the necessity of choice. This energy takes us to the edge, the exhilarating brink of that which can destroy you or set you free. All experience begins with the courage to have it and the strength to be vulnerable in the face of it.

What is important to remember with Aries, especially on a Full Moon when the energies are ripe and potent, is that in Aries we find the impetus for birth and for initiating the new. There is pure innocence and raw potential and power here. There is inspiration, passion, fire, and excitement to be alive and to act for the sake of creation.

Where in your life do you feel it’s time to fuel the fires and ignite some passion? Where could you show up more courageous in your vulnerability and desire?

Aries has firm boundaries to keep their freedom, autonomy, and passion fully supported. They are not waiting or wanting anyone else to set the stage, carry the ball, or make decisions for them. They respect the innocence in taking a risk and appreciate the power that is granted by it. They are all about self-actualization through direct experience of the self by taking action in order to have an embodied experience.

Aries Full Moon is a reminder that we have the power to begin again, to renew ourselves, to head out on a new path, and to take a risk in a new direction. It is time.

As the Sun now transits the last four days in the sign of Libra before entering the deeper emotional realms of Scorpio, we are being guided through the most personal relationship realms. A Full moon opposite the Sun in Libra is all about navigating the extremes and the paradoxes in your life like a Warrior, with strength and courage. All the while with a Libran intention for peace and harmony and to gain perspective about the “other” in relation to yourself. Libra seeks connection in knowledge. Aries seeks connection through the body. Together they enhance one another by offering a visceral as well as intellectual connection.

With Venus coming into the last quarter square with Neptune this week from Sagittarius to Pisces, this is a critical point in the Venus Neptune Cycle, where contending with lessons around boundaries in relationships vs. surrendering to having faith in your relationships has reached an evaluation point. This is a time to set your sights on that which inspires you and go towards it. Follow your bliss and let your truth lead you home. We are all wading through a massive sea of confusion, yet love remains the most valuable compass to trust.

This particular stage represents a “crisis in consciousness,” which indicates a strong need to make an adjustment within your belief system regarding how you are relating in life, in love, and in your body. Venus is all about the sensual worldly experiences that the body moves us through. Attraction, sexuality, money, possessions, sensuality, how do you relate?
We are innocent before we have awareness. In our innocence, we can be naive. We can create illusions, live out fantasies, and experience delusion. Neptune reminds us that anything is possible. Dreams and nightmares coexist. As we learn to love more, still we can feel the pain. This is a week where we may feel tested to be vulnerable and expand with the growing pains of the heart.

With Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter all now finally in direct motion, the rest of this year should be swiftly leading us into some fresh new territory. Retrogrades speak loudly of redemption, redoing, and reassessing what has already been. After all this karmic retribution, it’s promising to set foot on some new ground.


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