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Full Moon at 27º Gemini Dec 18, 2021


〰️ Sneak Peeks 〰️

This week’s astrology starts with a Gemini Full Moon, leading us to the beginning of a 40-Day Venus Retrograde Cycle in Capricorn. December 21 is the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). This marks the day of shortest daylight and longest night, with the days following containing the promise of ever more light to come.

We also have Jupiter transiting the final degrees of Aquarius, closing a yearlong transit (next week moving into Pisces.) From out of the technologically focused and future-oriented sign of Aquarius (which we can see represented in the worldwide vaccine dilemma) and into Pisces, which can go in as many directions as we can imagine… Pisces represents the unity and oneness of humanity. It teaches compassion and contains the creative potential for pure inspiration and devotion. There is also a lack of definition and boundaries in Pisces, leading to self-sacrifice, self-abandonment, and escapism. Therefore, in the upcoming year, we will need to stay mindful to remain focused on the highest possible vision and dream that we can conjure, for so much manifested in life begins first in our minds.

This month’s Full Moon is when the buildup of what has been developing throughout the “eclipse season” (which began with the November Lunar Eclipse) reveals a high point and finally breaks us out and on to the other side. It’s the real sneak peek into “what’s next.”

The significance of this Full Moon rests primarily on the fact that it carries the seed intention of the Solar Eclipse from two weeks ago (on the New Moon.) This Full Moon leads us into a peak revelation and expression of the manifestation incubating since the start of the Eclipse Season back in early November. In other words, many of us may experience a “big reveal” around something that has been “in the works” for a while now and finally “coming through.”

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is all about expanding your horizons, broadening your perspective, and being exposed to “more” regarding truth, belief, and faith.
Information and “truth” have been a hugely influential theme for years now, and many of us will find this cycle reveals a shift in perspective leading to an opening. We have been moving through major closure cycles, and now finally, we are coming to the end of that bridge and getting ready to step into a new beginning.

As the Venus Retrograde cycle begins its 40-day journey into the underworld of Capricorn (look to your chart to see where that is happening), we can expect to be ushered into some very deep and personal matters of the heart. This will be a particularly intense next couple of months in our relationships, and “heart-space” as Venus spends a significantly longer time than usual dancing with the Lord of the Underworld himself, Pluto (who is also in Capricorn.) Pluto represents death and rebirth and the process of transformation through letting go of attachments and allowing growth to happen.

This will be a period of monumental growth and change concerning our deepest bonds, attachments, security systems, responsibilities, personal authority, and honor. Capricorn is where we are held accountable by the Lord of Karma. Here, we meet with our own self and the cause and effect of every deed (good and not so good) that we have done. Capricorn represents natural consequences. Commitments, contracts, and judgments will play a heavy role in the upcoming months.

In many ways, it is a time when our hearts will be laid bare and weighed on a scale by the Feather of Truth. And what if one’s heart weighs heavier than a feather? The fate spoken of in the Egyptian rite was to be eaten and consumed. It symbolically represents how our misdeeds can eat at us and consume us from the inside out!

If ever there was an “hour of reckoning,” this Venus Retrograde cycle will likely prove to be it. It is a time that promises profound transformation and heart-healing, but as Capricorn is, not without great personal responsibility and dedication.

May you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky!

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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