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Full Moon at 27º Leo Feb 16, 2022


〰️ Creative freedom 〰️

The full Moon signals a culmination of energy that was seeded at the new Moon and has grown internally as she waxes toward full for two weeks. It is a turning point from internal growth to external social expression. As such, it represents a “coming out,” fueled by the fully illuminated emotional life as symbolized by her reflecting back to us the greatest amount of light from the Sun, our Solar Purpose. This month, the new Moon in Aquarius sowed the seeds of “freedom from the past,” deconditioning from external family, social, political, and religious conditioning toward a blossoming of our individuality. The last two weeks have offered all of us the opportunity to more clearly define our unique selves and values in relation to our friends, family, socio-political groups, and ideologies.
Now, with the Full Moon occurring in the sign of fiery Leo, it’s time to take centerstage, blow the trumpets, and publicly proclaim our right to sovereignty, autonomy, power, and creative freedom. I’ve referred to this as a powerful full moon because it occurs in square to her nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. This creates tension between the past and future expression of ourselves that requires “cutting the cords” that bind us to our past expressions of self and thereby limit, restrain, and resist the process of individualization. This is experienced as biased judgments coming from others (individuals, groups, co-workers, and governments) that trigger us emotionally and cause us to react. How we respond to these either passive or aggressive responses to the “new me” determines the amount and quality of our evolutionary growth.

In addition to squaring the Moon’s nodes, the Moon herself is inconjunct Pluto and Neptune forming the focal point of a Yod. This symbolizes a necessary emotional transition from the dream state into a 3D reality that includes us not simply breaking from past forms of expression (running and hiding or escaping) but powerfully asserting our newfound truths and understanding the purpose of transforming old outworn structures and supports. As she quickly enters Virgo after the opposition and proceeds through Libra and Scorpio, she calls us to work, not only on ourselves but on our close personal relationships and less personal acquaintances and society at large.

Looking at the bigger picture, Venus and Mars will be marching together toward Pluto while la Luna’s light wanes as she distributes her riches. Thursday and Friday look pretty glorious as she trines Venus and Mars while the Sun slides on into Pisces! Let your imagination flow out into some creative projects. You’ll be sure to have the energy as she swings through Libra over the weekend to square the approaching Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction.
More is on the way for sure, so stake your claim!

So Much Love,

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