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Full Moon at 5º Sagittarius May 26, 2021

by Jessica Dawn

〰️ Full Lunar Eclipse – Gemini 5 〰️

“Moving through an eclipse cycle changes us. As deeper, more significant aspects of our life are unearthed or even erupted from untapped, buried, hidden recessives of our psyche, we are revealed. Greater meaning and purpose become us, and we are moved to grow, surrender, and expand into more.
Eclipses are widely known as being likened to that of a portal. They are moments in our lives where a gateway is presented for us to step into, an entryway to a course change. A redirection and a new direction that is powerful, consequential, and life-altering.”

If we accept the notion of the eclipses being like a “portal,” it would make sense to grasp the concept of a time warp. Considering this cycle involves both Saturn and Mercury going retrograde, most of us will likely feel transported back into the past in some significant way or another, at some point over the next month or so.

When the past arrives beckoning your attention, it’s gracious to grant it your vigilance, as often the past returns bearing gifts. And there is no greater offering that we could give to our past but that of a newfound perspective based in a loving heart looked upon with new eyes of compassion and acceptance and forgiveness for the immense challenge it takes to live life. And it is then, in that process, that the ancestors can rest.

Mercury going retrograde in its home sign of Gemini on the axis with Sagittarius brings us thoroughly into the realms of – information, ideas, opinions, beliefs, statistics, science vs. conspiracy, logic vs. faith, and intuition. This is the territory that the Eclipses highlight and amplify. This is the territory that has been an increasingly defining component in our lives over the past couple of years.

We’ve entered a peak in this cycle that is focused on these arenas. With a Retrograde Mercury, we can expect a resurfacing of many of the heavily politicized disputes that have entered the homes, hearts, and minds of most of us all over the world. It’s not like any of it has gone away yet. However, we’re likely to see a resurgence of some issues that have seemingly gone quiet, maybe even with a bit of vengeance. As with any Eclipse Season, there comes a time to settle the score, and paying one’s dues, in one way or another, is usually a requirement.

A time warp is actually defined as a “discontinuity or distortion held to occur in the progress of time.” So, if we are to expect a sort of lack of cohesion, some breaks or gaps, interruptions, and potentially a lack of rational connection occurring within our lives, safe to say, our lives might look and feel a bit strange throughout this season!

So, if eclipses open up a portal that will present itself or appear before you in some form or another, the question becomes, “How will you present yourself before it?” Willingly? Courageously? Enthusiastically? Bitter… Resentful… Fearful?

You see, the portal can come in the form of a relationship, a friendship, a creative project or pursuit, resurrected past trauma, karmic family ties, career opportunities, vices, and addictions. A portal is defined as “a door or entrance, especially a grand or imposing one.”

The paths that can potentially transform our lives are many. What’s important is how we are showing up when the moments of choice arrives. For many of us, our lives will be looking very different by the end of the season. Much of what determines that outcome is in the circumstances and events presenting themselves during these powerful eclipse weeks and how we choose to rise to meet the occasions.

We’ve reached the point in the evolving cycle of time where we are likely to be confronted by big choices, and therein stands a gateway before us. A circumstance, person, place, or thing that summons you in with the promise to take you on a journey of such utter and complete transformation that, once returned on the other side, you may feel unrecognizable even to yourself.

Contrary to the opinions of many nowadays caught up in the storm, these are wildly inspiring times – and the Astrology confirms it so! It’s wise to be wary when treading such treacherous terrain. However, so much of our life experiences are often enormously influenced by our very own point of view and perspective. One man’s cup of tea is another man’s poison!

In a world where facts, opinions, beliefs, and even science are being shrouded with so much fear, even from the most innocent and well-intended among us, it’s as important as ever to have faith and trust in the power of good and the force of Love.

Now I’m not talking about “blind faith,” and I’m not saying to ignore, deny or abandon reality and truth. Instead, I’m speaking on fear and how hyped up it is these days. It is a tool often used against us (by ourselves or others), and it is King at destroying joy, removing us from a loving center, and killing hopes and dreams for a future worth living for.

In many ways, we are all being called to be in our best selves in a time where the planet, humans, and animals alike need it. We are being tested to reach deeper within, beyond the ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, to access a place of humanity for each other in a world of crisis where compassion, understanding, and empathy are some of the most extraordinary medicines we have available to us.

So, on this Full Lunar Eclipse, during a time where many of us are confronting some of the most significant issues of our lives, may we have the courage to reach deeper within, access our best selves, and see the world through the eyes of Love.

Jessica Dawn

Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for members of the New Paradigm Astrology community. It is a group of folks deeply interested in using the wisdom of the stars to guide and illuminate their lives.

We invite you to join us as we discover our greatest potentials, revealed through our unique personal soul maps, which are perhaps now lying dormant in our souls’ recesses, to rebirth ourselves through these times and co-create a new reality with love as the foundation stone.


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