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Full Moon at 8° Taurus 38” Oct 31, 2020


Say hello to the Full Moon occurring Saturday, October 31, at 8° Taurus 38,” a minuscule 3” away from Uranus!

This full Moon heralds intense, sudden, unexpected surprises that will be upsetting and unsettling as she continues on her way through Taurus into Gemini and Cancer. The Moon rules the subconscious, women, the public, and our innermost feelings that reach back, and often reflect, our childhood conditioning, habits, and patterns. She rules the tides and all liquids. It’s advised not to have surgery under the full Moon as blood loss is common. Studies have shown an increase in criminal acts and mental/emotional instability with the full Moon. This occurring on the Scorpio/Taurus axis with Uranus’s addition indicates a period of intense, profound, and dramatic upheaval. Fear, insecurity, and paranoia can lead to actions and reactions that are impulsive, extreme, and dangerous.

Uranus is the planet symbolizing lightning change from a soul-spiritual perspective that brings forth the naked truth from our individual, unconscious depths to the surface. It is our need to break free, revolt, and individuate. Moving through Taurus for 7 years, it reflects a period where each of us breaks from the norm to discover our OWN truth, our OWN values, our OWN self-worth, and our OWN unique way of surviving, generating income and living a fulfilling, contented, life. As such, and especially conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun, it portends the need to break from external control/manipulation and exploitation by others, often through rebellion and revolution. These are revolutionary times when we may all be feeling the urge to break free, liberate, and rebel against external individuals, family members, jobs, and institutions that limit, confine, or control our self-expression.

The retrograde motion of Mars and Mercury is also associated with breaking away from the norm and both acting (Mars) and thinking (Mercury) for ourselves.

Mercury stations to go direct in Libra on November 3, Election Day in the USA. We may all be feeling quite on the edge of our seats, emotionally irritated and impatient, finding it hard to relax, breathe, slow down, and center. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are all stimulated with hormones and chemicals being rapidly fired from our brain and nervous system throughout our bodies. This is a week for chamomile tea!

It reminds me of the movie I saw as a kid, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Ironic that that movie was about aliens landing and making the first contact with humanity. Uranus rules the unknown/alien. We may all be feeling “alienated” by what may appear as (and actually be) crazy or insane behavior we never saw before or thought possible. This is a rapid opening/expanding of our consciousness into the unknown, so it is best to be emotionally prepared to not go into shock (Uranus). Fortunately for us, astrology helps us see these waves coming on the future horizon, as I’ve been predicting this for over a year, so we will not be as jolted as many others. Hopefully, you can act as a grounding rod for loved ones who may be less stable.

Collectively, we will see mass confusion leading to hysteria in some cases as Mercury stationing indicates poor communication, electronic, messaging, voting, tallying, and sorting delays, leading to mistakes, misunderstandings, and errors.

We can be assured that the election results will be delayed and contested, keeping the United States in particular, but also the global economy (Taurus), nervous as so much will be “on hold.”

With Mercury ruling the North Node, we can thank the stars that he’s stationing in Libra, the sign of mediation, law, balance, peace, and justice. Unfortunately, he is square Saturn (blocked by external authorities and institutions) this whole week!  It will be best to brace ourselves for some tough, drawn-out, legal battles, court orders, and uniformed forces blocking, controlling, and in other ways suppressing (Saturn), communication, transportation, and commerce (Mercury).

As I mentioned in last week’s Pele Report and will most probably discuss further this week, the good news is that all this tension and adversity help expose the roots of our problems, both individually, in our relationships, and collectively. It’s time to have those hard conversations. However, these are precisely the valuable and necessary conversations that need to be had to co-create solutions and move forward (2021). They are so hard and we are in the mess we are in because these conversations have NOT been had when they should have.

The dentist drills out the cavity, the doctor digs out the cancer, the cleaner removes the dirt, dust, and mold. The more they procrastinate, the more painful the process. We’re getting scrubbed, and it’s not comfortable, yet we’ll be squeaky clean by the time we get out of this shower! 

Let’s take a look at how this will unfold day by day. If you’d like to receive the daily aspects interpreted, please consider joining the New Paradigm Astrology community. You’ll receive a fantastic amount of astrological teachings and meet some great people while you’re at it. JOIN US!

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