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Full Moon in Capricorn June 24 2021

by Sol W Jonassen

〰️ Faith 〰️

As the Full Moon emerges and Mercury is in direct motion again, there is a sense of relief in the air. Something has been transformed and is readily expressed. And as the inner planets and their personal approach to life are finally getting the attention they need thanks to the Sun being in Cancer, the slower moving planets are gearing up to go retrograde. Neptune is going retrograde Thursday and joins Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

That the slower moving planets are retrograde is not a big deal, they stay retrograde for a long time every year as the Sun moves to oppose them, but it affects us non the less. Our mission on earth, the why’s and wherefores we are here, what we can do to improve our lives, and the spiritual world are all under scrutiny when the giants move retrograde.

Neptune will move from 23°45 back to 20°24 from now until the end of November, and as the Nodal Axis will continue to be in mutable Gemini-Sagittarius until then, it will affect the mutable quality in our lives.

Mutability is all about movement, learning, knowledge, and our understanding of life. When that gets blurry, it can affect our capacity to make a healthy judgment about the nature of our experiences because fantasy and logic get entangled and result in general confusion.

Faith is, therefore, the keyword for this week.

When we have faith, we can surrender to life instead of fighting it. It gives peace of mind and allows us to “let go and let God.” Neptune reminds us that certain things are beyond our control, and seeing that the Sun in Cancer is oriented toward inner security, we crave to know for sure and get some guarantees when none are given. The Full Moon forms a beautiful relationship to Jupiter in retrograde Pisces and reaching within to find faith even in the face of what seem insurmountable obstacles is due.

Mars is also waxing to form a t-square with Uranus and Saturn, and although that isn’t exact until the next lunar phase, be prepared to work hard and apply discipline.

When things are hazy and unclear, taking charge and creating change with the available resources will always bring a sense of peace. Do what you can with what you have. And make sure you take time to listen to the cosmos and delve into the silence that is available.

Sol W Jonassen

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