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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 05º Taurus Oct 28, 2023


〰️ A call for mindfulness 〰️

It is that time of the month again. The Full Moon is upon us, and the previous solar eclipse culminates in a lunar eclipse. Whatever happened the last two weeks is bound to come to a boil, and as the world has been silently praying for peace, it is still left to see what will happen as the wheel of time keeps churning on. But the choice is there, and being able to make good choices is at the core of the South Node message coming through from Libra. However, right now, options seem limited, and the atmosphere is infused with paradoxes.

This particular eclipse is out of sign, which means that the nodal axis is in different signs from the Full Moon. This gap between the Sun/Moon and the South/North Node reveals that it is not the most intense eclipse. It feels a tad easier than the previous one, which could be exactly what the world needs. Some positive and life-affirming proof that we are inherently good and decent. It does not mean that this one is free of tension. Mars and Mercury are occupying the second decan of Scorpio, heading to a tete-a-tete the day after the eclipse. That sounds stressful and potentially dangerous because so many mistakes are made when the heat is on. It is when we do not use our heads that disasters loom. It is, in other words, a time to be mindful.

Venus, the ruler of the South Node, is waxing to an opposition to Neptune. This could give us glimpses of light in the form of forgiveness and mutual understanding, but Venus in her fall makes her weaker, so it is left to see if Venus can outshine Mars in this case. With this opposition, though, sensitivity to pain increases, and suffering could inspire empathy. Once we have gone through suffering, we are more capable of seeing life from another’s point of view as long as there has been a bit of forgiveness.

Is it dangerous or stupid to be forgiving? Mahatma Gandhi said, «The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.» That is pretty hard hitting and especially provoking for those who are innately sensitive to spiritual bypassing and realize how dangerous that is, or for those who are solid in their determination that hatred is the only way. The Sun is in Scorpio, and the tendency to hold on to grudges falls naturally in this sign, being a fixed water sign. The Full Moon in Taurus is also fixed, or rather fixated, on some nitty gritty details that seem to be churning on with full force. When there has been injustice, it is tempting to think of ways to get back, and it is not easy to let go of this desire.

Many people ended their lives voluntarily because of this desire for justice, hoping others would feel their pain. It all feels meaningless because if they had only given it a bit of time and had someone to consult with, the outcome could have been different. And that is precisely the zeitgeist. Wait. Think. Consider the consequences. Don’t act rashly.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon speaks of mending the gaps: «A cantilever bridge across a deep gorge» is sort of self-explanatory. It urges us to mind the gap and mend the gap. This gorge could also be, on a more personal level, an internal dilemma that needs to be solved. The South Node in Libra will bring all kinds of different and seemingly unsolvable paradoxes to the table, and it is here that the power of conscious choice gets deflated by being unable to see how these two paradoxical sides can ever be united. And then no choice is made. The results are often the last thing we need.

Making good choices also relies on our capacity to truly value who we are. It is insane how easily we normalize that which isn’t healthy. We find ways to make it all fit. Especially if there is an underlying desire to have it all. The hardest choice is not about right vs wrong. It is between two rights or two wrongs. These dilemmas are the hardest we face.

And this inner gap, this stagnant place where things aren’t moving forward, is hard. It is like one part of you is not connecting to the other, or there is a real feeling of denial out of fear of change. It is more demanding to be completely honest than to live in denial, but so much true power is lost in this process, so the price is higher than we think.

Again, the cosmos is throwing a bit of a challenge on us, but it looks like there are sparks of light blossoming. «There is a crack in everything, and that’s where the light comes in» he said, Leonard Cohen, and wisely so. Look for it.

Sol W Jonassen

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