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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 14º Scorpio May 5, 2023


〰️ The will to live and love 〰️

Lunar Eclipse & Vesak.

We are yet again at a decisive crossroads between what was, what is, and what is to become. As the journey of life pushes us towards new horizons, the status quo is being challenged. There is a feeling that something has to happen, no matter how many reservations we might feel.

The Sabian for this particular full Moon perfectly aligns with why the Buddhists celebrate Vesak, namely enlightenment. «Children playing around five mounds of sand» reveals a playful and joyful experience of life, creating while being fully present in the moment, without much concern but to be. There are very few beings on earth who can truly be known as enlightened, and as such, humanity has quite a bit to learn when it comes to compassion, freedom, and true wisdom. We tie each other down and hold ownership over people, land, and the mind.

However, according to Buddha, we all have the potential to reach enlightenment and perfect liberation. So it makes sense that his birthday, enlightenment, and death are celebrated on the full Moon in Taurus. Taurus is steady, autonomous, and fertile. Scorpio is death and purification of desire. Together they constitute the creation of liberation.

The “bodhisattva” is a being who has seen the light yet wishes to return to humanity to help it move along. And the patience that is required is hard to imagine. But what is often forgotten is that patience is founded in trust. Trust that it will be all right, that we are somewhere on our journey to become whole, wholesome, and loving, not just as individuals, but as a group.

Now this might seem a bit pollyanna when looking at Earth today. Narcissism is at an all-time high, and the economic system has people running around in circles, struggling to survive. It leaves little room for enlightenment.

Yet, it is at the farthest point from the light that the potential to develop spiritual muscles is ripe. It is not to say that there isn’t a breaking point, but once the attitude of the Child, the divine Creative Spark in us all, is employed, we return to innocence and to the Will to Live and Love. This is the promise of the full Moon. Being true to ourselves and accepting how little we know and what is yet to come is unknown, but we cannot live in fear. We have to become playful again. And play together towards mutual goals without the constant competition and instinctual survival mechanism, throwing any hope of cooperation overboard.

Something from the past that represented safety will show up for us right now. It might be lovers from the past or people we were closely tied to, and yet, the push toward the future is beyond debate. The Sun will cross the path of Uranus and open the visions of what is to come. It is a breakout signature. Meanwhile, Mercury will concentrate intensely on Taurus within orb of the North Node, showing us that some aspects of the past also belong in the future. It could be that a circle is completed, and we get clarity around what makes the cut and gets to stay.

Sifting and sorting are quite necessary because of limited resources and the need to focus on what is sustainable. Yet, Venus and Mars are hanging out in Cancer during this period, so the heart could feel sentimental, and the door to the past might still be open, pulling our minds back to a time when things were easier. Good memories are great to remember, but it is said that you cannot get drunk from the wine you drank yesterday, and the current geo-cosmic vibes leave little room for indulgence. However, remembering can also remind us of what we do not want moving forward, and this type of enlightened insight can be very precious. So we are reassessing what is worth our unyielding commitment. And the chances are that the capacity to love ourselves better and stronger will result in us choosing differently.

It is time to do what we really love to do, return to simplicity and embrace the small things in life. Patience is required, patience is trust, and trust is love. Write that on a post-it and smack it onto the fridge. Then you’ll see it every time to reach out for those comfort foods.

Sol W Jonassen

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