Gemini New Moon Intentions

By Christina Caudill

New Moon at 12 Gemini
Monday, June 3, 2019
3:01 am PDT / 6:01 am EDT

The New Moon is a moment that new intentions can be seeded and new ideas born. The Moon is still in darkness, and we may not yet be able to see where we’re going entirely, but if we quiet our mind chatter and feel into what wants to manifest through us, the creative process becomes more apparent.

This New Moon offers abundant potential, big dreams, and vivid fantasies. The realm of Gemini is the mind, intellect, and curiosity. As this lunation triggers the expansive Jupiter-Neptune square, our options seem endless. We can truly reach for the stars and envision an inspiring future. However, there is the risk of having an overly-optimistic or illusory view. Or saying too much with no substance behind it. Fortunately, Mercury, in his own sign of Gemini, can bring in some discernment if we’re willing to sift through the deluge of data to find the gems of truth.

Venus, goddess of love, relationships, and money, is in an Earth trine to Pluto, and we can be relentless in our drive to pursue our passions, seeking tangible pleasure. Perhaps we sense we can deliver on bold expectations. As a good Capricorn, my best advice for these expansive times is, “under promise, over deliver.”

Inspiration can be the wind beneath your wings, but discernment is your key to success.

Mantra: “As I sharpen my intellect, I seek only the knowledge that leads to wisdom. I manifest brilliant new possibilities in…”

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