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Astrological Aids 
Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy
  • Rudolf Steiner Archive – Search over 100,000 documents from the entire Rudolf Steiner archive.
  • In this video, Peter Selg gives his overview of the current global situation from the perspective of Ahriman’s agenda.
    For further information on “Ahriman,” search for him on the Rudolf Steiner Archive website. He also addresses why we don’t have the solution for what is happening because we don’t have the full, long term perspective. However, the more people become aware of what is happening as Ahriman working, the better chance of mitigating his complete domination.
    He will proceed, and we are not here to stop him, but some of the worst impacts can be softened. Not only that but when we work the scenario, the stumbling block becomes the stepping stone – huge block = huge stepping stone! Therein lies the gemstone in the center of the whole morass.
5G Information
Technological Advances
Future Social Development
Future Developments that Impact the Environment
Health & Wellbeing

Coping Mechanisms & Resources for Surviving the 21st Century

  • Anytime we experience loss, it is natural to feel grief. Rather than suppress it or ignore it, there is a treasure to be found in it. Check out the “5 Stages of Grief.”
  • When we feel wronged, betrayed, neglected, or abandoned, it’s also natural to get stuck in anger and blame. Try Ho’oponopono.
  • My take is that we are all addicted to something. Born into a world of separation, we have an inner void or longing that we seek to fill. More often than not, this can lead to some unhealthy habits. Nobody like Dr. Gabor Mate!
  • For healthy sex, there’s nobody like Alexandra and her Center for Healthy Sexuality. Besides her great Youtube Channel, you could check out her site and books. I’m on her email list to receive regular “Mirror of Intimacy” short daily meditations. Fantastic!
  • To me, this is a must-see video for everyone! Troy Love Talks about way more than “Finding Peace from Sexual Addiction.”
  • The old grandmaster himself, Harville Hendriks wrote, “How to Get the Love you Want,” where he explains his “Intentional Dialogue.” He does workshops using his “Imago” approach to understanding and working with relationships.
  • John Wineland does both “Men’s Work” and relationship workshops, videos, and more. He’s awesome!
  • Bryan Reeves is another excellent resource for couple’s work
  • Both John and Bryan studied under David Deida, the author of “The Superior Man” (which I’m still working on LOL!). Check him out.
  • From a women’s perspective, my wife appreciates Sabrina.
  • Regarding relationship, honesty, empowerment, and more, Brene Brown can’t be beaten!