Interview with Duncan CJ of Spirit Pig


2 thoughts on “Interview with Duncan CJ of Spirit Pig

  1. Kapacha & Jeanie,

    This is a great video and one I would suggest to be mentioned to new members. As I came in with no knowledge of astrology, this would have been, and still was for me a great overview of K’s awareness(es) and offerings. Pretty spectacular exchange I thought. It felt as though I could see and understand your references within your sharing and teaching. This is a pleasure. My own practices are extended just seeing the correlations, and my receptivity is enhanced with synchronistic overlaps. But mostly Kaypacha, I honor your presence in this lifetime and celebrate you.

    And overall Kaypacha you are a friggin remarkable touchstone of ‘life’…. many feelings of appreciation and let’s keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Another awesome Kaypacha interview! Every time he opens his mouth, he takes us on a journey! Duncan, you are adorable. Kaypacha, you rock the interview world. Big thanks!

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