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If I'm going to make a change,
I commit to something new,
And with self control and discipline,
Do what I have to do.

So the tricky part to this I didn't really get to until the end. That is, in order to do Capricorn right we have to balance it with Cancer. That means it cannot be the "old" way of cold, hard, "laws that must be followed," but warm, caring, intuited feeling. The commitment really needs to be first and foremost to ourselves.

Imagine a world where everyone was tapping into their Spirit Self, downloading it, and being true to that first and foremost. That is the union of Spirit and Matter that the future can hold (the present for some if you do it!). The alternative is to be at the mercy of external control freaks (some disguised as "nice people" haha!) who think they know better than you who you are. Time to step up to the plate, isn't it? Have fun slugging away!

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10 thoughts on “January 10, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Yes yes yes
    Yes yes!!!! Kaypacha! Thank you!!! RIGHT HERE WITH YOU! So grateful for your insight, wisdom shared sourced and sailing onward… Blessings, and so much love,

  2. not really getting you last few weeks, just peaceful, calm, happy and I’m a late Capricorn, Enjoy watching you though lol.

    • Lucky you! I was hoping what Kaypacha has been saying for the past few weeks wasn’t going to be the case. I am a Sagittarius and am always feeling great during the Christmas season. I rolled out of it this year going, “What the heck? That was weird and I feel bummed! Well, then I remembered Kaypacha called it. Been trying to keep faith and hope it lightens soon. Grateful this report gives me reason to believe that will be case til end of month. And so curious as to what the end of month brings for the White House (as mentioned a Pele report or two ago). Enjoy your peace, fortunate Guy!

  3. Greetings~
    Thank you 🙂
    I am a January 10th Capricorn woman (Cancer moon ~ Pisces rising) and still following astrology over the years.
    This video was great and I am sharing it with others on Facebook.

  4. ALOHA Thanks knew universal cosmic pathways opening.Note everyone female black for Emis.note we are balancing female and male as we have to become whole.Thanks for trees .wisdom from elders.Water and Mother Gaia without water we are up the creek.Planet and weather patterns showing changes coming .Mahalonui thanks

  5. Totally resonating with this. Have just made commitment to do a Diploma Course which will enhance my life and help to transform the lives of many other women in need. Thankyou for your continued awesome reports. Love watching every week! Beautiful Blessings.

  6. Love your reports Kaypacha they make me laugh and smile and resonate with wisdom and truth! The only things is I live in Australia and I have to wait to Thursday evenings for it arrive :))) and I get impatient because I reckon you will be able to explain what is going on!! And you do. Much gratitude and love Cindy

  7. Thank you Kaypacha, this feel so good watching this video, it’s like having a walk/peace/talk with you by the river with all those roots and trees, you’ve always honored kindly what I’ve shared so far with you here about my findings & experiences, in such a Beautiful heartfelt way. Ommmm Blessings Namasté Dear One xox So much LOVE ! :o)

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