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January 12, 2022 Astrology Forecast

January 12, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Great Spirit says, “It’s OK to relinquish control,
You are but a nugget of gold,
Being melted down and purified,
Soon to be poured into a new mold.”

Hola Golden Stardust!

My bad, I get so excited I forget so much stuff it’s terrible. By the next Pele Report (just a day before), the north node of the Moon will have moved into Taurus after a year and a half in Gemini! OMG! We are on the threshold of a big change! I will address it in more detail in next week’s report, but I want to emphasize now that the rubber is going to be hitting the road, that it’s going to get “real,” and what is out of alignment will be both more obvious and be causing more pain. We remember that pain is a pointer to what needs to be looked at and have more consciousness brought to, so keep those eyes (and heart) wide open.

The south node, Ketu, or the dragon’s tail will be bringing up shadow issues from the past (distant and more recent) having to do with all things Scorpio. The shadow side of Scorpio has to do with coercion, covert activity, devious, underhanded, energy seeking to control, dominate, exploit, manipulate, possess, and take advantage of every situation, person or opportunity. Using relationships in all their forms to further self-interest. This transition will be a deep dive into the underworld for many of us over the next year and a half, hence the mantras I have received lately. It is time to be awake, aware, and on guard.

Of course, that leads us right to the heart of the challenge of our times which is to keep our heart/mind open, in love and compassion, as we press on, assert, and establish boundaries that reflect our strengthened sovereignty. To be strong and soft, powerful and humble, relentlessly pursuing truth while listening to others and tolerating innocent ignorance. With grace and grit, we shall build the foundations of a new society, and it will require all we got which may be more than we ever thought we had in us.

Great Spirit says, “It’s OK to relinquish control,
You are but a nugget of gold,
Being melted down and purified,
Soon to be poured into a new mold.”

Please use the links below to connect on other platforms, and I’ll see you there! Darn if I didn’t forget again! If you look at the chart for last week, this week, and the next four weeks (up until February 15), you will note that excluding the Moon, Mars is what we call the “Focal Planet.” All the planets are occupying less than 180 degrees, and when this occurs, you go clockwise, and the leading planet is the outlet for all the energy contained within the bowl. The fact that this is Mars moving from fiery Sag into earthly Capricorn for the next month means we’re in for some action. 

From now until the 24th, this “action” may be in the high courts and other realms where the truth is sought (let’s not ignore the streets). But, after Mars enters Capricorn on the 24th, this action is going to “hit the ground,” There will be power struggles as individuals and groups seek more power, control, and authority. This will be strongest as the Moon is waxing from new to full as she will be in the bowl.

Personally, this is an excellent time to use that masculine, yang energy to get out, jump, hike, run, bike, breathe, and connect to natural law through nature herself. It’s a good month to educate yourself (hopefully live and in person without muzzles or screens), expand your consciousness, and build faith in yourself and Great Spirit. May the wind be at your back, and if it’s not, she wants you to toughen up, LOL! 

As mentioned in the report, I am exiting META (FB, IG, and Whatsapp) as soon as I can. I will post more on Telegram and Bitchute as they are less censored. To begin with, I did two interviews this week, one with Stephanie from Catalyst Talks, “Astrology for these Times” and another one with Philip, “What’s Coming Up?” Tune in!

Good time to come to Mexico for some astrology on the beach! or even better Peru! (only a few spots left!)

“You Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee.”

So Much Love,

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