My inner world is crowded,
With demons from the past.
But once I know and take control,
I master myself at last.


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Again, this is the correct mantra and I goofed it up in the vid.... the TAKE control is the important part as that is what Mars in Scorpio is all about!  Anyway, I am wishing you all the patience you can muster during this retrograde Mercury, as it can be a real pain in the ass.  They screwed up our plane tickets yesterday, and I spoke with many others who were trying to just make "linear progress" who were also getting frustrated. A much better time for an inward journey than an outward one if you can manage it!

Like I mention in the report, the relationship and shadow work are going to keep us all on our toes for these next couple months.  It is a good time to find that point of balance between staying open and trusting without being stupid and manipulated.  For some, it is a time to surrender (usually the ones who don't) and for others it is a time to wake up, confront, and assert themselves (usually the ones who don't).  The orgasmic high is in that magical place of both giving and receiving your utmost..... go for it!

6 thoughts on “January 13, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. It amazes me that each cycle of change is so pervasive. Here we go again! We’re on the same page. Is it comfortable? Not really, but still awareness is 90% of the picture. Hearing your words, dawns light on the obstinate soul. Namaste.

  2. Man Alive i laughed out loud on the train and cried and was hanging on ur every word. “I want to let my bull out in ur china shop” LOL best chat up line ever!!!
    I don’t want to learn astrology that much because i want u (scorpio in mars) and ur talent and wisdom and humour to be in my life. So much thanks and love. What a perfect ending to a beautiful day x

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