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My feelings help me stay in touch,
With my deepest inner truth,
Like a steamy sauna or soothing bath,
They cleanse, relax, and renew.


Ok, Ok, Ok, you may not be feeling relaxed and renewed these days but repeating the mantra over a few times may help remind you to calm down during this Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse!  Woohoo!  The energy is running high and it's only going to keep increasing.  Rather than running and hiding let's take it as an opportunity to hone our surfing skills!  It doesn't take astrology to see that as we continue to create machines that can process information faster than our brains, and we use these machines more and more that they will continue to overwhelm us with TOO MUCH INFORMATION.


Hence the need to CONSCIOUSLY FILTER the input (or get swept under by the wave).  These are great times cosmically designed to help each of us determine what is truly important to our evolutionary intentions and what to ignore or throw away.  Our feelings are a great compass for guidance in this process.  Take time out, tune in, and drop what is now irrelevant to that purpose and know there is probably more lol!


So Much Love,

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11 thoughts on “January 16, 2019 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Love it so much! You had a footpeeling and a bath You did not plan 😂👌❤️
    Love and feel your way of giving the message.
    So much love right back at ya.

  2. Hello Kaypacha
    thanx for your super insights into the signs of the times. I feel Saturn very strongly now pulling me down onto the unfamiliar grounds of reality. This been happening for awhile, first outside things now inner beliefs about myself. It is time for an idealistic Aquarian like myself to face up to what really is. I’m not afraid, it sure must be in order to go on and fulfill what I came here to do. Glad to get the hint about the feelings in order not to give too much attention to thoughts. Again Thanx.

    Love from Marga Dhun

  3. Wonderful report – the intensity, wisdom and seriousness and then wham! the humour and synchronicities of your fall and toe nibbling – brilliant – thank you! xxx

  4. Today and last night very intense for me. It came over me extremely fast and I felt like I was plunging into the dark a bit. Fighting with husband, feeling old feelings and hurt. Trying to put it all into words but this one is a little hard for me. Family stuff seems to be my theme. Trust, deciding who to keep, who not to keep. It’s all swirling around me. I can also see how globally the same things are happening. Can we accept one another? Can we allow each person to be who they are with all their faults and beauty as well?

  5. My day started off so sweetly. My significant other and I woke up at the same time~we watched a movie and I leisurely got ready for work. I’ve really been going through it lately and have had really low energy. Hard to get out of the funk so to speak…I was able to see eclipse from work~Was feeling a bit irritable and frustrated considering everything that’s come up. But was so awesome to experience this and feel all these emotions even if they’re darkened, at least I’m feeling them.

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