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Life is like an exploration,
Into outer space,
I set off with a goal in mind,
Not knowing what I'll face.

Isn't that the truth? Both Saturn and the progressed Moon travel around the chart in 28-29 years. Collectively, we could say that we started a new Saturn cycle 21 years ago. But the idea of Aquarius and the 11th house (when Saturn and the ProMoon transit it) is "Do you still want what you wanted about 25 years ago?"

And not only do our desires and needs change as we grow but as you can see from the story in this video, what we originally want gets changed and modified by other people and other forces (unconscious, karmic, "spiritual") so ultimately, it appears that life is impacting us more than we are impacting life HAHA! The joke's on us! Life is humbling! But we may get a fun rocket ride out of it and a helluva education, eh? Injoy the ride and may you splash down gently!

5 thoughts on “January 17, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. :o) I agree, we have to face ourselves, and by always facing the unknown is making us develop more our skills & gifts, by experiencing trough exploration, this makes us aware of who we are, what we can accept and what is unbearable… we mature, become wiser… About what you wrote: Yes this is true. No I do not want exactly the same thing as 21 years ago. and yes It only appears we are more shaped…,( but we have such a short scope hey ) we live our subjective experience, the impact we can have on others is going into the collective unconscious / the akashiques records, for futures life times & choices to make…sometimes if we live old enough we have a glimpse on how we made effect or even tragic traces&scars… ya very humbling indeed…You brought a new word/adjective to my conscious (ty): helluva education … look hellish… Please Uncle Kaypacha ;o) Tell Cosmic Major Tom to watch out ;have a safe return system for preventing him to re play The man who felt to the Earth ;o)
    XOX So Much Love

  2. Hi love the Pele report, I,m going into the unknown in 2018 , time and time again I keep coming face to face with myself I hope I learn some valuable lessons week I,m a Scorpio sometimes that sting in my tale comes to bite my butt.

  3. Oh my goodness – that was completely and totally awesome!! I haven’t been able to listen to you for a while and absolutely knew that I had to today. A brilliant ‘story’ and it all makes total sense – thank you! xxx

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