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Sometimes the world is so bizarre,
I simply can't relate,
But my work is to stay and support,
By lovingly holding space.

Wow, it is just such a time now where it is so obvious that so much needs to happen, change, and get done, and at the same time we can be getting simply STOPPED if we push too hard or act prematurely. The inconjunct going on with Jupiter to Venus, Mars, and Chiron is a test of our boundaries.

Let's look at it some more because I didn't go into this part of it in the report. The whole year of 2017 is about honesty and truth in all our relations. And it starts at home, with ourselves. This aspect says that it is time to become more aware of our limitations, humble ourselves, and learn to say NO. And not just say no, I have a headache, or I don't have enough money or bla bla bla but the TRUTH: "My body, heart, or mind is not wanting me to connect with you right now." No excuses, just the plain truth.

It may be that you don't have enough stamina, time, or desire as the universe is just pushing each of us to know ourselves and share ourselves authentically. It can be doing that by overwhelming us with more than we can possibly handle (Jupiter) so we have to learn community, cooperation, which involves trust and letting go of control and on and on.... it's not about achievement right now, it is about learning how to love and live together. Have a good time!

10 thoughts on “January 18, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Every week youre there on target. Last week as I watched I was suffering w/ the lung flu (and felt like leaving the classroom big time) I was going there is no way I ould have gathered the energy to be clear and inspiring like you -week after week. I bow to you in thanks for being here and staying in the classroom.

  2. Every week you’re there on target. Last week, as I watched, I was suffering w/ the lung flu (and felt like leaving the classroom big time) I realised that there is no way I could have gathered the energy to be clear and inspiring like you are, week after week. I bow to you in thanks for being here and staying in the classroom.

  3. Nice Tight Mantra ~ Sat Nam !

    Awesome. Love how you expressed for the individual, our collective and Gaia, the implicit value to this time (anytime) of striving to Hold Open that Conscious Heart Space.
    It is a very challenging and humbling time.

    Right on, that you made a vid of Vayus.
    Might it be nice to mention how “quickly the Vayus work”, and that the time requirement is truly minimal for what is equalized and opened in only 1/2hr and the cream is in the end, lying in corpse pose honing, feeling, broadening the shakti energy.
    It has a progressive synthesis to it, in a biofeed back loop and it only gets better and better.

    Personally was hooked on it at a workshop, by being able to hear movement of sounds within the body. Lol. It is/was a super cool surprise and the movements are fun too. Also likely with a sun moon opposite, anything that balances Ida & pingala, or any Fun Form & function in breath for Spirit, is a Win, Win ! πŸ™‚

    I think anyone who gives it a go for a consecutive 7days will get hooked, or 21 days begins to pull it into a habitual routine/ritual. Blast it with mantras and you’ve got an endless variety, or into and out of silence, a magnetized harmony.
    Lots of ways to get there, this just happens to be one of the faster ones.

    An Aquarian idea comes to mind in this syncopated weather & surf.
    To not attach to “the Essence”, receive & hold open, integrate ground and then keep flowing to grow more magnetics. “Breath in for ourselves and out for others.”

    P.S. Vayus Video..(sure many have already said this probably) but Might it also have been nice to give away some vids in community for testimonials. πŸ™‚

    • You state, “To not attach to β€œthe Essence”… How can you “attach” if you already are “Essence”?! Essence has no form, it just is! We are all the micro “and” macrocosm of everything… The only thing that separates us, is our learned and limited ego thinking, that taught us, separation exists (not!)! The more you try to “be something”, the less you are Being… Release need and instead just Be… The path to Oneness is simple, stop thinking you’re separate! Blessings and Namaste…

  4. Really interested in Vayeus video/mpk4?
    It so connecting to receive the weekly reports especially at this ‘time’, but sometimes some trouble linking?

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