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January 19, 2022 Astrology Forecast

January 19, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Birth is an explosion,
As the future breaks through the past.
The waters break and I am no longer safe,
As into a new world I am cast.

Dear Re-Birthers!

So yup! As I speak of in this week’s Pele report, we have big Pluto “interventions” all through January, February, and March of this year. That means metamorphosis through going down, getting somehow annihilated, and resurrecting in new forms (not necessarily done by March). These mini-deaths are to what we “thought” is going on or who we think we are (Mercury), what we feel is important, valuable, and financially stable/profitable (Venus), and what we want, do, and the “guts” we’ve got to do it (Mars). We can see the political narrative changing as those in power can’t lie forever, and some hidden truths are emerging. We could say the same for ourselves, our image, relationships, and our personal lives. We can’t lie to ourselves or hide our deeper truths and live fake/false lives anymore. If we don’t “make a break,” things may “break” around us or happen to us.

These years we are personally and collectively coming to terms with long-held values and goals and the consequences of actions taken to achieve them. The forceful push for the inoculation is only one prong of a big fork toward a materialistic, totalitarian, money-driven, hi-tech fantasy shared by a small number of people who can afford such luxurious dreams. Even if the vaccine passports with QR codes and facial recognition don’t rob us of all privacy and limit our freedom, the IoT (Internet of Things), switch to a cashless society, 5G, AI, robotics, cyborg technology, transhumanism, and massive surveillance to enforce compliance with ever overreaching mandates issued by the CorpGov (my new name for the financial/political bedfellows), will continue. It will continue, that is, until it is stopped. That SOME mandates and regulations are now being rolled back is a good sign that more people no longer believe their elected or appointed officials. But it is only a start and only concerning one blatant manipulation of reality.

Many other facets of our modern technological societies are “sold” and experienced as so CONVENIENT (as in requiring less effort, will, and personal energy) that proving their deadening effects on the soul, spiritual, and freedom of humanity will be far more difficult to challenge. Belief in and teachings regarding anything intangible, spiritual, invisible, inaudible, or not detected or reduced to the realm of the five physical senses is what future generations will find in short supply. The ancient and current mysteries, intangible, unprovable realities such as grace, mysticism, certain forms of alchemy, visions, inner guidance, mineral, planet, and animal consciousness, psychic awareness, multidimensional or intergalactic communication etc. etc. etc. are contrary to the agenda now being sought.
As an evolutionary astrologer, yoga practitioner, and spiritual man, my hope is that we all become more aware of and strive to raise the value of spiritual reality ever higher in the eyes and minds of our children and their children. Indeed, these may well be the foundation stones for saving Gaia and her many life forms from destruction.

While I don’t wish to be pessimistic, these are some truths I want to share as a practitioner of the occult (hidden) arts/sciences. I hope that you share some of these same values so that together we can bring a vibrant world of conscious, virtuous, heartwarming, unity to societies that are purposely being driven away from the full natural, spiritual expression of what it means to be human toward a mechanistic, cold, unfeeling and unfulfilling existence void of love. Astrology is more than personality analysis or fortune-telling. It is the highest of the occult sciences that continually validates the interaction and intra-dependent nature of the physical and non-physical worlds. May we uphold these truths that they may one day become as self-evident as others currently realized and promoted. Just as we needed to raise our humanity above machines in the 1st industrial age (physical plane), above “information” in the information age (mental plane), we now need to raise our humanity above the virtual realities currently being created by technological devices (astral plane). Nothing less will be able to stop our technology from destroying our humanity.

Birth is an explosion,
As the future breaks through the past.
The waters break and I am no longer safe,
As into a new world I am cast.

Throughout the time period I speak of in this Pele report, we must remember that the Pluto polarity point is in Cancer, where Black Moon Lilith will be spending her time. In addition, the north node of the Moon has moved into Taurus for the next one and a half years. This all underlines that you only go into the underworld and are initiated, transformed, and re-birthed ALONE. Part of the shedding process is letting go of all support, past support systems, and realizing your aloneness or AllOneNess in preparation for At One With All. 

Certainly, this path is not for everyone, not for those weak of heart or short on stamina, will, or desire. And yet we find ourselves at that point in the planetary evolution of our species where some are called to lead, take charge, die to their old way of being, and function as living models of a new human potential. There is no doubt that another tangent of evolution will also be occurring. One still contained in the 3D material world of ego, seeking its own fulfillment through this temporary, fragile, and ever-ending reality. This secondary path is a downward spiral leading to disillusionment, dependency, and sorrow. 

Let’s take the leap, a big breath, and a big step, into a new, greater reality more inclusive than any we have yet to know. Enjoy the journey, explode! 

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