When I am in my Spirit Self,
There is no loss or gain,
My fears disperse as I liberate,
And am free to fly again.


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That's what we need these days, to find the portal to the Spirit Self and view our earthly dilemmas from there! Nice if you have a nice shamanic drumbeat to journey up to the "top of the sky" and cut a circular hole in it, open the hatch, and go through it into the celestial world. A beautiful journey that can be quite healing (I met one of my spirit guides that way) especially during times of stress and strain on the physical plane.

As I mention in this week's report, this certainly is a time for some great stress and strain that can come in many guises, but will push us to our limits one way or another. It is as if the universe is plotting to see just what "stuff" we are made of...... "Come on! Take that! Whatcha gonna do now, huh?" You can almost picture some character out there egging us on....... wooooo.

Well, the full Moon in Leo this weekend will really offer all of us an opportunity to let off some steam, chill out and have some fun. May you have great, harmless, creative extravaganzas leading to new heart openings!

To read more about the 5 planet lineup: www.skyandtelescope.com/press-releases/f­ive-planets-at-once/

To check out that shirt I was wearing and more go to: www.butterflybuddha.com

6 thoughts on “January 20, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. dear kaypacha
    many, many, many thanks for your great pelereports!! it is always pure inspiration, help;) and fun for me!
    because today is my birthday, i’m soooooo grateful anyway!!
    a l o h a and so much love from switzerland:)

  2. Dearest Kaypacha,

    I look forward to your Pele Reports every week. You teach me so much about the Universe and help me to observe and see how this affects us all. It is truly wonderful to listen to you and watch the cosmos do their dance. Thank you for the steward you are in this thing called life. So much love, so much Aloha.

  3. Namaste and so much love, back to you 🙂 (said with a big warm smile on my face). Your mantra this week has really related to my current life situation. So right about ‘no loss or gain.’ I think that in this physical plane we worry too much about those kind of things. To me; time doesn’t really exist. Time causes us worry and anxiety. Really, we just live in different planes of existence (for us – in this current earth world). I believe that we live forever (onto the next realm after this life).

  4. WOW Brother Kaypacha!
    Talk about never knowingly under cater!
    Halleujah, the Dark Holy workshops abroad!
    The 5 star sky view is and retrospectively was an awesome year, but is ‘beyond the clouds’ due to the weather here, however Astrology is no longer dormant. (Gratitudes! :)) Chironic cliche in there.) 🙂

    Comme d’habitude that substrate. 🙂
    Clearly, an allen curve does not compensate nor reflect the quantum at all!
    Giggling in the coincidence of “the meaning of life”, been musing quite a while now,
    over the Grim reaper scene of “karma by proximity” and the debatesrelated to the salmon dish.
    (That visual is too funny too. 🙂

    This Year more What? Karma, or Dharma.
    The beauty of the dark, processes light when it finds a Ray. 🙂
    Funny, sometimes those in the Sun never look back to see their Dial with a Great Shadow sitting on the Time.
    Do you think it is quite probable that those who illuminate a grounded White are fooled with great intention on a slippery path of ego (mischecked) into the Grey of misuse and manipulation in their power?
    I suppose only the Fallen of this karma can answer in integrity; How fickle/delicate the flicker of “a steady light” is.
    Is the purity of self in this density truly possible? 🙂
    Gee, I wonder what the last flight of an eagle to erase a mountain might be like?
    I think that cue is very small, if at all, though one would love a multi pass. lol 🙂

    The Dharma/Karma of 8 billion and the exponentials of composites/lives.
    Wow, macro/micro Collectivity and connectivity, Blows the mind!
    Oops, Better fill out a form first ‘with training’ before you enter this line. 🙂
    …Grounded in practise, from within wholeness to without, In Integrity.

    Karma debt, is it about yielding?
    How to yield to it without being manipulated by it while not creating more Karma in the process?! 🙂
    Maybe it’s just “the simple act of awareness” that activates & elevates its truth into a string.
    A nodal String, maybe a nodal Strength and Maybe nodal strengths enhance the Superconsciousness of composites, inherent in their karma/dharma strengths.
    What if an activated and elevated bridge, grids for their composites an exponential, into a matrix of nodal
    strengths, kinda like a Torrent?
    Might that be a super crazy consciousness highway greater than can be imagined in our next birth evolution ??
    What might the Ethos of a Superconsciousness Highway feel like?

    In that nueroplasticity of string/strength, interlaced 8 billion node/composites into One.
    What is in that organism moment of karma/dharma Birth?

    What about Yielding to this moments collective Karma?
    To take a humanitarian heart in pacifists action,
    being able to discern how it is released, absorbed and elevating it, no manipulation.
    Maybe that is a kind of Transcendent Security from Karma,
    simply being aware of it, its inherent strengths, its potential evolution,
    yielding to debt reciprocally without creating more, then elevating it,
    (all the while, being a compassionate fallible human with humility within Gaia’s Grace ). 🙂
    The Concern is to keep Integrity in the White and not digress to Grey,
    so the Integration Strength Stays Dynamically Elevated out of mire,
    and hopefully not our downfall too.
    It’s so very interesting, a delicate madness and beautifully foolish too.
    Tricky, Tricky, Tricky ~
    “check for ping, then resonance & coherence” ground, Ground, GROUND! 🙂
    …As more light up, finding their inner purpose strength and tribes,
    strengthening the nodes highway like beacons are “the steady candle”
    and a potential birth.

    🙂 Karma, 🙂 One would like believe that it is not Black coal with a
    Finite purpose, but rather it’s highest potential “density revealed”
    in the Dharma of Infinite Multidimensional Alluvial Diamonds, hiding in the rough ! 🙂

    Infinite Smiles ~ Humble Hazmat ~ In Lak’ech

    Bowie’s Life on Mars by Seu Jorge. Check it out, a rich pure, beautiful. 🙂

    P.S. There have been successful documented studies of pairs, meditating synchronistically, one sending an image, received. Also Documented group meditation/prayer elevating a projection that is measurable.
    I am not aware of a study to connectivity related through Astrology, or composites, (though I am sure there must be).
    It would be interesting to do a study/research where some astrologer(s) took from their historical data/knowledge, easy workingrelationships/composites to them of a group and practised synchronized non localized group meditation, then have one participant set an image intent for the rest to receive and see what results.
    I would be very interested to participate in such a group.
    (lol, silly Musing at criterium, parameters, controlled pairs… FMRI’s. Wondering what communication packets will be successfully received/dropped and all the collisions in activity.) I love the ideas it might facilitate, More than just Expanding Awakened Consciousness, “in the simple act”, a synergistic traction like a morphogenetic field, quickening elevation through Wholeness.
    Who wouldn’t want to do this density soul work in order to facilitate all
    Our/Gaias work birth?
    Sounds like hard fun, or maybe it’s easy depending on your Karma. 🙂

    Though many tears of ascension will happen before the question of
    Life/Gaia’s intricate/delicate Evolution is at the utmost consensus
    importance, perhaps then it will be beyond possibility.
    Acceptance is |.–. . .- -. -.-. .| though the Optimist can taste the
    Emergence of the other |.–. . .- -. -.-. .| ! 🙂
    “Voice” is Aligned individual action, Modelling its Strength, it Unites and
    Awakens the Transcendent Energy of Love to Unify the Whole, In density
    of Transmutation the collective single Evolution of Light.

    ?Have we been here before? I pray this is not my Ground Hog day,
    perhaps it is silly prose of Mecurial poisoning sextiled by Siren Lilith ! 🙂
    From 0 Degrees at the North Pole(yes!) to 0 Degrees of Gravity a brilliant
    Orange Zinnia blossoms from a Seed, manifested by Comrade Scott Kelly! Aho.
    Are these not Both Neptune? And what do they set into the Collective Consensus Consciousness? 🙂

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