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January 20, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I will create a new future,
Keeping the best of the past,
By maintaining a forward momentum,
And not pushing too hard or fast.

Hola Alliarchists!

Just thinking of a name for the new paradigm… Matriarchy and Patriarchy = ?archy? Allarchy? Omniarchy? With the Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus today, maybe Radarchy. A mighty day indeed. We can do a birth chart for the Joe Biden presidency that will tell us about his next four years in office, and it will be pretty similar to the attached 1/4 square Moon chart for today. What does that herald? Listen to today’s Pele Report and stretch it out over 4 years. This week’s mantra will also hold good for some time to come.

What I find highly significant, and perhaps I didn’t go into it deeply enough in today’s report, are the Moon’s nodes coming into exactly square Neptune this week (within minutes right now!). If we consider Neptune in Pisces as a “skipped step” or a “missing piece of the puzzle,” to me, that says that what we need to make that chart work. Make Biden’s presidency work. Make Life work right now. Divine Love, Hope, Compassion, Forgiveness, Unity, Imagination, and Spiritualization of our consciousness. Can we pull that off? We need to take the natural laws of Sagittarius and bring them down and out through Gemini.

I’m sitting with the old saying, “So much to do in so little time.” I know I spoke of a Chiron in Aries workshop. Today, I’m thinking of a “Politics of America” workshop where we’d look at Biden’s and Harris’ charts individually and in relation to the US chart. I love that he has his powerful Scorpio Sun in the 12th house, which tells me he is more and has more going on than what meets the eye! Let me know via the NPA IG, FB, or website what your preference for a day-long Astro webinar might be, and I’ll see if I can put it together!

I will create a new future,
Keeping the best of the past,
By maintaining a forward momentum,
And not pushing too hard or fast.

I did mention it briefly in the report, but I think it is worth emphasizing that this week is propitious for beginning new projects, manifesting new ideas and new relationships. As the Moon is waxing to become full in Leo next week, the energy is supporting expansion. That Full Moon is opposite a Sun Jupiter conjunction too, but that is next week’s report! 

For now, the challenge is that of self-mastery. Not too fast, not too slow, not too much, not too little. Everything coming from the center. It’s a time to invest your time, energy, and resources into long term initiatives. All the better if these are ingenious alternatives emerging from an enlightened awareness of all life’s interconnectedness both on and off the planet. 

Let’s make the new “normal,” the new “spectacular!” I always think of Uranus when I see the thumbnail for this week’s report as I associate it with the third eye. Only appropriate to have Alan Parson’s “Eye In The Sky” as this week’s song!

Also, you might like “Ride the Storm,” by Lindsey and Gerrit.

So Much Love,


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