Join Timothy Halloran in an open-ended discussion: 'Forgiving & Accepting the Nature of the Zodiac' as we enter a year of stripping down to bare-bones in order to purify, improve and heal. This video is a short introduction to the vast subject matter of accepting our humanity through understanding the inherent nature of the zodiac signs vs. the various cultural stigmas each sign can possess. This video is only intended to spark curiosity and encourage self-acceptance rather then provide definites allowing flexibility for our own ongoing re-defining of ourselves.

Timothy Halloran is an astrologer located in Savannah, Georgia. Providing weekly forecasts on YouTube for several years, Timothy continues to explore the world of Evolutionary Astrology and has a passion for deep soul-centered work. His astrology readings focus on the natal chart and the often unconscious desires and nature of the soul and the transition from 'victim' to 'healer' consciousness. Tim often aims to provide new insight into the past, liberating us from what we may see as old patterns or hindrances into the understanding that all experiences are initiations shaping us into our deepest divinity and greatest potential.


8 thoughts on “January 2016 – Tim Halloran

  1. Hey Timothy, your video presence has quit a power. Nice! And even if it was a bit of a rant at times, jeez rant away man! That was smoking good. I can listen to this repeatedly, as it will hit my core refresh button. This lifts full on celebration of forgiveness, sweet sweet forgiveness for what is, as it is!

    Namaste xMic

  2. Timothy,

    Your explanation of acceptance as part of forgiveness is truly insightful. As an Aquarian with a Virgo Moon, I also gained new understandings of myself and the aspects I must learn to love. All the best to you- thanks so much.

  3. Timothy Magnificent!
    It was by no means a rant, exceptional fluidity (trust it) ! You empower ownership, grounding the archetypes, with clarity and understanding, like a philosopher poet, especially for this Moment in this years weather. 🙂

    Gratitudes & Infinite Smiles ~ In Lak’ech

  4. Ha! You have to know that my perspective on your video is just perfect the way those 33 minutes put together are, I got a lot of clarity on many aspects of life/astrology/evolution. Thanks for sharing your aliveness with us!

  5. This was just lovely Timothy, thank you. Accepting and forgiving the separation – lots of healing in this short video and I really enjoyed being taken through the signs and your insights.

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