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From outside the matrix,
Objectively looking in,
I create solutions,
Where everyone can win.

Time for major Tom to blast off! Look at things from the outside or the "other side," and de-condition ourselves from the normal, mainstream, conventional past. It's what this week, this month, this year, and this age is all about. Rejuvenation through revolutionary discoveries, attitudes, beliefs, technology, social/sexual norms, you name it. Rebel!

This doesn't have to be rebellion for the sake of rebellion or out of suppressed anger leading to violence. This can be a silent, inner rebellion against obsolete beliefs, relationships, or conditions for the sake of evolving new ones. If everyone revolted against their own "little self," insecurities and fears, self judgments and adopted false beliefs that are no longer serving them, there may not need to be a social revolution! So Rock on (meditation rock that is)!

So Much Love,


4 thoughts on “January 24, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. OMG! :o) Beautiful Mountains sights, (+ horses, amigos, & a meditaion Rock !!) bleesings, all around you !!, I feel how deep what we’re withnessing Outdoor is impacting our innerlife, as much as our relationship can stir all this up…( down,upside down & all around lol ) ; each time I contemplate Nature, I come to a place of peace & balance, it help so much to detach from the ‘little self’, even with unresolved long term health issues, (if) Peace can be found so healing have better chance to make it s way, if it is tears that come up it is even better, let,s hold a space to release our sadness or any other emotion to address it… We get a wider perspective about our individual challenges towards the actualisation of our Self ( own uniquess worth living for ). So it is in those moments that our un/subconscious feed the Inspiration & Creativity , can bring possible solutions…The more I learn astrology, the more I see how our Birth Chart studying/understanding is very usefull to help us to make the unconscious, conscious & this can lead to real progress in the process of actualisation :o) Let’s not forget that Neccessity is the Mother of all inventions… The Hystory shows that the Élite knows this too, and Exploit it fiercefully all over the Earth too…Hhhhmmmm…Anyway enough for now: This was so powerful to watch ,( processing) rewatch, ( focusing ) , live, with the energies at play, receiving input/output… So much Love ! XOX

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