Life is learning how to breathe,
Expanding you, then filling me,
Gathering in then putting out,
Sitting in stillness then dancing about!


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Wow, maybe didn't get to the best until the end with this one. Can't really stress enough (well we are ALL stressed enough haha!) how so many of the challenges we face these days can be solved through downsizing. Yup, trim the fat, simplify the life, lessen the fb posts/friends, emails, commitments, workload etc.

This is a good time to set your priorities and focus on them while realizing your limitations (physical, emotional, and mental that is). Virgo is the efficiency expert and this year is "do Virgo" year! And of course, lest you burn out, repeat that mantra and equalize between being and doing. Injoy!

12 thoughts on “January 27, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Oh, i have just one comment: I believe it is still great being angry if you see injustice whether you are directly involved or not. It means you are still humane. Thank you.

    • Yes, it`s ok and human to be angry. This is a feeling that is often kept in the shadow, but you should manage to face your anger , and do something constructive about it,- if not it can lead to destruction.
      I wish you all of love and good luck !

  2. Thank you for this beautiful report. Wow – It brought tears to my eyes hearing your words regarding shadow and clearing. Thank you for doing what you do!!

  3. Thank you so much! I love watching and listening to you. Profound times. When are you going to come to the UK? – would be great to go to one of your workshops x

  4. Thank you so much; insightful, and thought provoking! Mahalo

    After the earful (Ha Ha) we may have received on 31January 2016 (today, as I write) when Mercury (messages) conjuncted Pluto (intense, deep) for the third time! Oh my, did you get the message this time? Venus (relationships) will need to heed, with speed, and adjust as she arrives to conjunct Pluto too, on 6th February 2016. Authenticity in relationships seems to be the focus. That’s my take!

  5. Damb you are Google GOOD, Brother Kaypacha ! Uncanny Spirit!
    Thank you for Reminding us of ‘the land of 1,2,3’ and the alchemical mantra! πŸ™‚
    Yes it is, the Waves in lost ghosts Maya tests, right conduct, fuelling spirit growth, harmonizing into nothing.
    Friday alchemical waves, Saturday receptive/expansive, Sunday collective shared expansion, harmonic family peace. πŸ™‚
    Maya tests, give fubars, Success! and not In the Darwin Awards…
    … to pick up where the self has left off, always.
    A shakti of service and not servant, yet a servant in all that is. πŸ™‚
    Funny, that it is “the quantifiable proof” to dispel hypothetical madness in Spirits beauty of sensing. πŸ™‚
    It is the platform to progressive understanding through reflective tests that harmonize into nothing. It propels practise.
    It’s simplest yet most eloquent vessel form, conscious breath.
    This “weathers density” is so expansively fascinating in undiscovered depth.
    Particle minutia into nothing, the futurist remembers incarnations, evolve the realist, impressionist, modernist, futurist moment. The movement is a layered shifting edible consciousness paradigm.
    A vortex walked gyroscopically singular, yet magnetized with others.

    Like Saturday πŸ™‚ beautiful proof.
    Laughing in the beauty of “4” graduate projects in coding.
    4 just 4, youthful wondrous “what ifs”, Mavericks. πŸ™‚
    In invitation to personally pose and engage their concepts platform applications, Amazing. Soon they will change how we search, utilize and touch technology, brilliantly into the fold.
    Funny, weird maybe a kinda sannyasa, seeing the broad sword in spirit vision, to clear a permeated path in a grounded wisdom, for youth, using creative applications, setting up camp in a co created community, a space that helps macgyver light, builds collectivity, a nodal unity, calmly.
    So the “youthful laser scalpels of light” can precise the language of the next amplituderon in context to spirits gravity.
    I can taste it in the city, across a very broadband width, with absolute impregnation. Utterly incredible, indescribable, almost like the experience imparted in a well crafted cup of geisha, it is so amazing, definitely auspicious and ritualized. If my family could thrive in the south, close to the equator, warm enough to hold many of her in a high altitude garden, (dormant volcano, though maybe not so wise). I would patiently tend to her for the 7 years, anticipating the craft to receive that elusive cup, while I worked on gardening in diversity and honey, participating daily, in the Only Energy I Know. πŸ™‚

    “Sensing the greatest volume of ‘spirit to matter knowledge Remembered’, is not in the offshoot of technology, but far greater an evolution in the collective Ray of Gaia’s light heart.”

    Infinite Smiles ~ In Lak’ech

    Remembering ubiquitously “here” to share the breath in for ourselves & out for others,
    and the rest will unfold… weathers time. πŸ™‚

    Love the Fun easy cowboy chords that anyone can play and practise,
    sometimes the sixth one gives you a headache, if you Forget to breath. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Kaypacha, I have a q about the 3 step clearing proces you mentioned.
    why not do it in just two steps?
    1. becoming aware of the situation that occurs.
    2. Clean by ho ‘oponopono.

    That way we dont have to “know” what brought up the situation. And still clean the data.

  7. Virgo is the efficiency expert and this year is “do Virgo” year! And of course, lest you burn out, repeat that mantra and equalize between being and doing. Where did you get this information?

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