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January 5, 2022 Astrology Forecast

January 5, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Through contrast and comparison,
I learn what’s right for me.
So the older I get the more you can bet,
I’m the best that I can be.

Hola World Changers!

Are we ready for 2022? Ready or not, it’s happening, and there has been a big shift in the air that I am sure you have felt since New Year. Astrologically, this is reflected by Mars in Sagittarius becoming the “focal planet” for the first two weeks of January, again in February. You can see from the chart below (and in the Pele report itself) the planetary pattern called a “Bowl” where all the planets are in less than 1/2 the circle with Mars, the focal planet, leading the way going clockwise. This will remain through March, with the Moon being the only “planet” to break the pattern. Then, after March 3, Venus and Mars will pass Pluto, and he will become the focal planet!

The focal planet of the bowl (soon to become “bundle” when all the planets are in less than 120 degrees) is the release of the energy built up within the bowl. It is a pattern where the energy is held within, builds up, and is triggered by the external world outside the bowl. It all intensifies as the planets tighten into a bundle and, in this case, are “led” by Pluto. Mars, and even more so, Pluto as focal planets, indicate powerful turns of events, assertive, sensuous, impulsive, and indomitable, with strong will forces ready to stand up and confront others who are seen as different or threatening.
Negatively this can lead to belligerent, callous, or violent behavior. Whether manifesting positively or negatively, we can all be assured that the pot will be getting stirred over these next three months, and stove temperature will be rising. It’s an excellent time to be aware and develop skills such as self control, patience, compassion, and tolerance lest the pot boils over with undesirable long-term effects.

It’s a great time to get out and exercise and let off some of that steam! Find creative projects to dive into and initiate positive changes in your life while giving your excess energy generously to others. I’ll be speaking more to these configurations over the next few months, especially as I have some new projects/ideas coming into my mind. While these may be seen as dangerous and unpredictable times, they may also be embraced as opportune times for making significant changes leading to substantial benefits. This is where our intentions, hopes, and attitudes come into play so let’s keep them high!

Through contrast and comparison,
I learn what’s right for me.
So the older I get the more you can bet,
I’m the best that I can be.

What I would like to tie into this report that I didn’t really get to is Mars making his 3/4 square to Neptune. The 270-degree square signals a time when the native (or collective) has reached a culmination or peak in the social expression of the original evolutionary impulse and now needs to release what they have achieved within the limits of that society in order to individuate further.

When we apply this to the Mars/Neptune cycle of approximately two years, we see that a new vision, seed, or desire to penetrate (Mars) the higher spiritual realms (Neptune) began in mid-June of 2020 with the conjunction. This may also have been a time when Spirit (Neptune) was the cause or instigator (Mars) of events in your earthly/ego life. This attempt(s) to unite personal will with divine love has now reached or achieved as much as possible in its current expression. It needs to change. It’s time to liberate ourselves from old limiting conditions, beliefs, and relationships in order to “bump it up.”

This square, coinciding with Venus’ underworld transformation, reflects that this is a time period of major change in the way we love, how we wish to be loved, and in our loving relationships. We are being sculpted, shaped, formed, and refined into better versions of ourselves, ever more able (and hopefully willing) to give and receive love on ever-deepening levels in ever-deepening relationships. The release of past limitations that I spoke of in the report can thus also refer to current relationships that cannot handle the “higher voltage” you may now be ready to channel. May your transitions be smooth and joyous. 

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