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January 6, 2021
Astrology Forecast

January 6, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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With so much of life out of control,
I need to go beyond.
Pierce the veil between the worlds,
And reconcile with the Divine.

Hola Initiates!

Welcome to the initiation! No one said initiation is easy. It has always been a test requiring strength, fortitude, steadfastness, will, and courage. In times gone by, only the fittest of the fit survived some of the rituals that allowed candidates access to knowledge of the higher worlds. While today there are few initiation rites still in use, we, as a collective, are being initiated into greater and greater realms of power. Today’s technology forces humanity to grow and mature to use, manage, and benefit rather than hurt, maim, and destroy with the power now being harnessed.

I write this newsletter as Washington DC is being torn by civil unrest (with Mars at the critical degree of 29 Aries). Make no mistake, this civil unrest is not going away. Saturn is square Uranus all 2021, and the revolts and challenges to authority will continue and may escalate as it draws more exact.

Through these times, the challenge is to hold to our center, ideals, faith, trust, and hope in ourselves, humanity, and the Divine. To continue to radiate our highest healing frequency ever more potent for those being pulled down into lower realms. It is not so much with words, or at times even deeds, as much as in silent listening, holding and comforting ourselves and others.

May each of us be as an oasis in the desert or a fountain of water to the thirsty souls needing refreshment, love, and light. Our initiation involves keeping our hearts and minds open, developing greater compassion and understanding, and providing the wisdom teachings for those who seek refuge from the madness through the expansion of their consciousness. Let’s remember that humanity will forever seek answers, reasons, and the meaning behind the events in their lives and that it is the Spirit, the Stars, and the Divine that holds those answers.

My wish is that you remain a source of comfort and love to those in need through these times by staying strong within Spirit!

It’s time to get real and make a plan,
To go forward from here and now.
I will stay grounded, present and clear,
Not get lost with my head in the clouds.

As mentioned previously, despite 2020 ending, the astrology of our times shows us that we are in a long term initiation process that is far from over. The beginning of any initiation involves removing what has been previously relied upon for sustenance, which induces the need and longing for something new/more. I would say that we are still in a state of “reduction,” or loss. It will take us time to collectively move through the stages of grief, which are natural to a human being when they experience loss: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression finally leading to Acceptance (Elizabeth Kubler-Ross).

The challenge now is to continue moving through these stages without getting stuck in any of them too long. Depending on the loss, it can take six to eighteen months (or more) to finally come into acceptance so let’s have patience with ourselves and each other.

Secondly, not mentioned in the report is that after Uranus goes direct next week, we have all the planets in direct motion (except a short 3-week Mercury Retro coming early February) until the END OF APRIL! Hold onto your hats! The pace of change, innovation, and overwhelm for some is going to pick up fast.

These months will be useful for envisioning, planning, and beginning new projects based on a “new normal” that will have better chances of succeeding due to their grounded, lowered expectations. Jupiter/Saturn contacts have always been associated with limited (Saturn) expansion (Jupiter). Still, it is better to be pleasantly surprised by surpassing your expectations than being let down due to unrealistic expectations.

So Much Love,

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