One thought on “Join Kaypacha for an episode of Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat

  1. It was very interesting to view your utube about the beginning of 2018 and then review my experience of that time. I started to write my autobiography and address many issues of my past both + and negative.
    My book is called Worldbridger, A sculpted Life, which will be out in a few weeks…. it was a title that my son gave me in 1999. It was quite the journey of reviewing my life through a 8 mm lens in my optical field.
    I am a sculptor, teacher and creativity coach and the mother of Adam Gainsburg, who told me about you. I found this great prediction of 2018 which was very reassuring to me of my roller coaster life as a sculptor, my journey reviewing it, and a Scorpio x4. Thank you for your wisdom….I also have signed up for Amanda’s June 5 program. thank you for your dedication…. Think you will enjoy viewing my creative expression.

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