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A Tour of Sacred Sites in Turkey
& Astrology Workshop on the Beach
with Kaypacha

July 14 – 22, 2022


This “once in a lifetime” journey promises to be unlike any other event you have ever experienced before! It is both a journey to Gobeklitepe, the oldest permanent human settlement anywhere in the world dating back to 9500-8000 BC, AND an astrological workshop exploring your natal birth chart, the most recent “blueprint of your soul.” So be prepared to have your mind and your heart and soul blown wide open!

What both of these events, a short plane ride apart, have in common is the Sabians. If you are familiar with Kaypacha’s weekly Youtube Pele Report, you will remember that he often quotes the Sabian symbol for specific, powerful, astrological aspects.

Turkey Tour Introduction

The original Sabians have been called the “star worshippers of Harran,” as they were shamanic alchemists that lived, worshipped, and built the ancient sites that we will be exploring.

In 1925, Marc Edmund Jones sat with a most powerful psychic, Elsie Wheeler, and felt what he described as an “ancient mind matrix,” giving Elsie Wheeler an image for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. “Marc said that there was a presence and cooperation ‘on the invisible side of life’ of one of the Brothers of the ancient Sabian occult sect.” 1 Having shuffled a blank set of cards such that Elsie would hold random degrees up to her forehead one at a time, once finished, both Marc Edmund Jones and later Dane Rudhyar, arranged them in order and gave interpretations as to their significance within the cyclic phases of the 360° cycle.

We will begin our journey with the tour company Baska Rota, Gonca Kalabalik (a native Turkish graduate of the New Paradigm School of Astrology who is familiar with Gobeklitepe) and Kaypacha. We will spend four days touring from ancient site to ancient site, tuning into the Sabians and witnessing the “oldest known megaliths,” small buildings, quarries, and stone cut cisterns, culminating with a sunrise meditation on the top of Mount Nemrut.

After touring the ancient sites deep in the heart of the dry, hot desert, we will board the plane for a short flight down to our beach venue on the sea! Here we will delve into our birth charts together, using the New Paradigm Method of Chart Interpretation and the Sabian symbols to give you a deeper, esoteric understanding of your chart/soul. In addition to illuminating the meaning of each of the planets and powerful points in your chart, the Sabian symbols can also be used as an oracle to answer any question for you at any time. Kaypacha will explain, and all will gain new profound insights from our spirit guides, the Sabians!

Your registration includes a PDF print of Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases.” In addition, especially for those new to astrology, you will receive Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101,” a 16-hour video series where he explains the meaning of the astrological signs, planets, houses, and aspects. If you are not astrologically knowledgeable, we ask that you listen to these videos before the event so we can all go deeper together.

If you have ever wanted to “Journey to the Origin of Time” with a tribe of like-minded souls, exploring both the external and internal worlds of Spirit and Matter together, this is the experience you have been waiting for!

🐚 If you want to learn more about the Sabian Symbols and how they relate to our journey, click HERE!

The Venue at the Beach

Antalya, Turkey

Pricing for Double Occupancy*

Early-bird Special: 1,720

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Regular price: 1,900 

To Book Please Contact:

Gonca Kalabalik
👉 goncakalabalik@gmail.com 👈

Limited spaces available, book now to join us!

Prices are per person and in EURO. Currency converter HERE
Includes all tours, accommodation, and meals.
* Single rooms are available upon request during the Tour for an additional fee of € 420.
No single rooms are available at the beach venue in Antalya.

Turkish resident discount available on application.
We are offering a special discount for locals. Please contact Gonca for more information.


Part One:
A Journey to the Origins of Time

Day 1
– July 14, 2022

After dinner, we will gather for “What the @#$% Is Going On?” This talk by Kaypacha will discuss the current astrology of our times and set the foundation for our journey together.

This talk is open to the local public for 25 euros at the door.

🏨 Accommodation at Ramada Hotel in Mardin.

Day 2 – July 15, 2022

After an early 6 AM breakfast to beat the heat, we will visit Zerzevan Castle and Deyrulzeferan Monastery. Zerzevan Castle, also known as Samachi Castle, is a ruined Eastern Roman castle in Diyarbakır Province, southeastern Turkey. Archaeological excavations at the site revealed the existence of underground structures, among them a temple of Mithraism, a mystery religion. For more information regarding this fantastic castle visit this link.

The Deyrulumur is the oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox monastery in the world. It is located on the Tur Abdin plateau near Midyat. Syriac Orthodox culture was centered in two monasteries near Mardin (west of Tur Abdin), Mor Gabriel Monastery and Deyrulzafaran.

After lunch and a rest at the air-conditioned hotel, we will venture out to the Old Mardin City and the Kirklar Church in the late afternoon. The city is located on the slope of a hill looking down south to the Mesopotamian plains. Mardin is on the main routes connecting Turkey to Syria and Iraq. According to hearsay, the city’s history dates as far back as the Flood. Mor Behnam (Kırklar Kilisesi) church is one of the most significant historical sites in the old part of Mardin.

Dinner and early to bed to rise for another 6 AM breakfast!

🏨 Accommodation at Ramada Hotel in Mardin.

Day 3 – July 16, 2022

After breakfast, we will check out and take the tour bus to Sanluifa, a 90-minute drive. Along the way, we will tour the ancient cities of Sogmatar and Suayb and the Bazda Cave. Sogmatar is famous for its cave temple, which was probably constructed during the 2nd century and used to worship the god of the moon, which was a deep-seated culture of Harran. The village, now in ruins, was the cultural center of the god Marilaha, and there was an open-air temple for praying and sacrificing animals. The temple walls contain Syriac writing and reliefs of human figures. On the rocks on the hill to the west of the castle, there are more figures of gods and ancient writings.

The historical ruins of Suayb, now known as the village of Ozkent, are built in a large area and surrounded by sturdy ramparts, dating back to the Roman period. There is a mosque on the site of the (supposed) home of the prophet Jethro. Nearby is Bazda Cave in the Şanlıurfa Province. This vast cave system looks like it was man-made with right angular pillars. In addition, there is a tunnel system leading away from the cave.

After lunch on the bus, we will visit the city of Harran and one of the largest Archeological Museums in the world. The historical settlement of Harran was mentioned in the Old Testament as the place where Abraham lived before going to Canaan. Islamic historians connect the area to the grandson of the prophet Noah and also Aaron (Harran), the brother of Abraham. Har-ra-na was mentioned in ancient inscriptions found in Kultepe and Mari dating back to 2000 BC and stone tablets found in northern Syria.

The beehive houses of Harran were probably designed in the 3rd century BC, and the site is considered the oldest continuously inhabited place in the world. Today, few people live in the huts, and those that remain were built as recently as 200 years ago. The kale (fortress) stands on the eastern side of the hill and was originally built during the Hittite period and restored by the Crusaders. Its eastern gate still shows the carvings of chained dogs. The 4km long wall, most of it crumbling, has 187 towers and the remains of a 10-sided tower, and plenty of ruins to explore.

After visiting the Archeological Museum, we will check-in at the hotel and have dinner and a well-deserved rest. The following morning will again be an early morning breakfast so we can head directly to nearby Gobeklitepe.

🏨 Accommodation at Park Dedeman in Sanlıurfa.

Day 4 – July 17, 2022

Göbekli Tepe is dated to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, between c. 9500 and 8000 BCE. The site comprises several large circular structures supported by massive stone pillars – the world’s oldest known megaliths. Many of these pillars are richly decorated with abstract anthropomorphic details, clothing, and reliefs of wild animals, providing archaeologists with rare insights into prehistoric religion and the particular iconography of the period. The 15 m (50 ft)-high, 8 ha (20-acre) tell also includes many smaller rectangular buildings, quarries, and stone-cut cisterns from the Neolithic and some traces of activity from later periods.

It is magnificent to witness where human beings first started observing the sky and carved symbols into stone before “civilization” when they were hunter-gatherers. They built temples to get to the sky! Our journey is to the heart of time, where we will feel the earth beneath our feet and awaken our hearts to the ancient’s knowledge. Not just to know the sky and planets, but to feel how they have always guided us and always will.

We will let them whisper their knowledge straight into our hearts. We will see where astrology was born and make rituals there to feel our way into the wisdom of the stars. Then, like Mark Edmond Jones, who channeled the Sabians themselves, we will follow in the footsteps of the Sabians to reach our deepest self, which is stardust, as Carl Sagan once said.

After visiting Göbekli Tepe, we will stop briefly at Halfeti, an ancient submerged, magical town, and have lunch back at the hotel before heading to Adiyaman, a 2-hour bus ride, to check-in, have dinner, and sleep.

🏨 Accommodation at Park Dedeman in Adıyaman.

Day 5 – July 18, 2022

We will rise early to have breakfast and head off to Mount Nemrut at 3 AM to arrive in time for a sunrise ceremony honoring the Sabians! Mount Nemrut is a 2,134-metre-high (7,001 ft) mountain in southeastern Turkey, notable for the summit where many large statues are erected around a royal tomb from the 1st century BC. It is one of the highest peaks in the east of the Taurus Mountains.

After our sunrise ceremony, we will have breakfast before heading toward the Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

The museum is located on Hacı Sani Konukoğlu Bulvarı, in the Mithatpaşa District of Şehitkamil. The museum tries to show its visitors a flavor of the lifestyle, culture, and beliefs of the people living at that time in the city by recreating their environment using full-scale replicas of a street, fountain, building walls, and foundation stones constructed according to the architecture of the time.

Our stop at the museum will break up the 3-hour ride from our hotel to the airport in Gaziantep, where we will board our plane for the 50-minute flight to Antalya, the city nearest Sundance camp, our venue on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea! 

After our Journey to the Origins of Time, we will settle in to share our experiences and channel the wisdom of the Sabians concerning our birth charts!

🏨 Accommodation at Sundance Camp in Antalya.

Part Two:
Using the Sabian Symbols in Chart Interpretation

Day 6 – July 19, 2022

We will have a leisurely morning beginning with the “Yoga of the Zodiac.” Using sound and movement, Kaypacha will take us through the twelve signs of the zodiac to get a feel for each of them in our bodies. Breakfast will be followed by relaxing beach time.

After lunch, Kaypacha will do a quick review of the twelve archetypes of the zodiac, the meaning of the planets, and how to understand them through the houses. Finally, he will discuss the New Paradigm Method of Chart Interpretation to help everyone become more familiar with their chart.

Dinner will be followed by Kaypacha explaining how to use the Sabian Symbols as an oracle, with everyone having an opportunity to have any question answered!

Day 7 & 8 – July 20-21, 2022

These days will begin with kundalini yoga, breakfast, and some beach time. Then, Kaypacha will give every participant a short mini-reading of their natal birth chart in the afternoons, and everyone will share what they feel are the most significant Sabian symbols in their chart.

During our time together (and even better, before the workshop), you will be encouraged to read and make note of the Sabian symbols for each of the planets, the Sun, Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and Nadir. These will be explained in greater detail by Kaypacha during bus rides and other free times throughout our journey. These days will help you understand yourself, your chart, and how to interpret the charts of others!

Day 8 – July 22, 2022

Our final day together will begin with a closing circle and ceremony. Then, following breakfast, we will pack up and go our separate ways taking the ancient star wisdom with us to share far and wide.



  • 4-day Tour of sacred sites
  • 3-day Astrology workshop led by Kaypacha
  • 8-night Accommodation
  • Astrology 101, Kaypacha’s 16-hour video course explaining the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (value $120) to be viewed before the workshop.
  • Kundalini yoga, breathwork, and meditation with Kaypacha
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • All excursions & access to the sites
  • Transfer from/to airports
  • Internal flight to Antalya
  • Print PDF copy of Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbols book
  • Our help and logistics before and during the retreat
  • Participants’ Telegram Group Chat to connect
  • & So Much FUN!!

Please be mindful of the following if you’re considering joining this unique, once-in-a-lifetime journey!

While touring the sacred sites:

  • We will have early morning starts to beat the midday heat.
  • The weather will be hot and very dry, and we will walk in the heat, so please bring sun protection, hats, adequate clothes, a sun umbrella would be handy as well.
  • The different sites we will be visiting are distant from each other, so we will spend considerable time traveling on the bus.
  • The hike up Mount Nemrut (2,134m high / 7,001 ft) requires good physical condition. If you suffer from any medical conditions that might make it challenging for you to make it to the top, you will have to notify us in advance.
  • We will sleep in different cities and change hotels frequently, having to pack and unpack almost every night during the tour. Therefore, we recommend that you pack light.
  • Please pack a yoga mat, water shoes, and a beach towel.

A negative Covid test (of any type) within 72h. is suggested to participate in the workshop. We want to create the safest bubble possible so that everyone can relax and interact with each other. We won’t ask to see your results, however, please take this as your personal responsibility towards the group. This will be a maskless event.

In addition, we ask that anyone planning to attend the workshop, or the country itself, be mindful and consider changing their travel dates if they show ANY signs of the COVID-19 related symptoms and/or if they suspect having come in contact with someone who has/will test positive for the virus. Given that the NPA team is so small, we can protect each other by being mindful.


Turkey is open to tourism. Basic entry Covid requirements:

  • Vaccine passport (for those who have one)
  • or a recovery letter within 6 months
  • or a negative PCR test within 72 h. or a negative Antigen test within 48 h.
  • Complete a health form
  • Masks inside airports and airplanes.

Please refer to Turkey’s Arrival Protocol HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please note that everything is subject to change due to the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding Covid and travel. We suggest you purchase refundable/changeable travel tickets and acquire travel insurance.

Full refund before May 15, 50% before June 15, 25% before June 25. No refund after June 25.