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Being a bridge between the worlds,
Of here and now and beyond,
Is to not disappear into cosmic light,
Or get trapped in the dark underground.

Happy Solar Eclipse!   With a grand trine in earth this week starring Venus, Saturn, and Uranus it is a great time to make real changes in your life.  As a matter of fact, both the eclipse and the trine point to either making changes or having changes make you into something new.  It is not a good time to try and lay low, avoid change, and keep doing the same thing or taking the same approach that you always have..... that's a sure path towards trauma.
These times are calling each of us forward to challenge ourselves to become more than we have been in all facets of our lives.  Real improvements are not only possible but probable as it is time to raise the bar on our expectations of ourselves, our relationships, our governments, communities and humanity at large.
We can do it!



8 thoughts on “July 11, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty around you, wherever you go! Warning… Viral song… 1973 David Bowie, “Changes” (melody): “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-changes, There’s gonna have to be a different man (or woman!), Time may change me, But I can’t trace time”… A quote, “Change is inevitable, perception optional…” Flowing or resistance… Caution, fearlessness… Being, knowing… Each brings differing energies utilized for optimal results (or no results!)… The trick, learning when and which is effective and needed (or not!) for the moment… Feelings are like water, what interpretation you bring, provides the result… Water changes depending on the conditions that surround it, along with the atmosphere it chooses to reside in (air (vapor), fluid, solid, hot, cold, tepid, or all at the same time~!)… Saturn (sat-urn, sa-turn, etc.) numerous interpretations are possible depending on the languages you speak, or the perception you choose in the moment~!)… Who decides you? Circumstances, events, responses, reactions, environments, stillnesses?… Definitions are finite, where Being is infinite, decisions are made in moments based on experiences and perception… Outcomes, are determinate by many factors… Learning and time is passage… “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. The saying is adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.””… Sometimes traveling down a rabbit hole is necessary, to appreciate the light! Perspective… Be the razor’s edge (in balance between options and worlds) then possibilities are endless! Namaste…

  2. 😀 ô WOW !! Sweeeeeeeet ! They are so beautifull & big bird indeed… I am so glad you took some time out on Vancouver Islands ‘possibly maybe ‘ near yr Sooke … Anyway if I remenber correctly ;I hope you went to get a hug or two frm yr sistar salutationes , bonnes vacances & salud para vosotros ( Ya be eing care full… & I’ll give you a brake; but today I’ve cleaned the floors … ;-P )
    P.S. I was ON the ground outside playing with flowers and practice my walking abilities in those rocky country lane to re evaluate how my most recent wounds is healing …( I do not feel lost , a bit trappped by the circumstances but this too shallpass hey… and ya Saturnian retrogradation ; preparation , putting things in order untill the divine timing is in alignment for the next step forward …
    So much Love & JOY ( you bring in my heart merciiii ) XOX

  3. Hi there !! I am so happy, I can not contain my joy so…. I want to share my new of yesterday ; my future grand child ( Scorpio/Sage cusp ) will be a baby girl !! 😀 Youpie ! ! The mother Virgo /Cap Moonin Gemini already have 2 young boys ( Scorpio & Leo) the father is my youngest ‘Sun’ Virgo/ Leo, Moon in Libra AND my news of a moment ago ; I just made a deal with the land owner to get a brand new outside workshop to remake my dragon wings as I saw it; like Bats wings instead of the yin/yang symbol this is oneof the most important support I received for my art works creatures to be born out in the world . this is soooooo amazingly highly synchronistic !! 😀 because I just learn , this man’s maternal grand mother is the woman who gave me the solution , the proper technique to manipulate enough the matter so I could trans mute something hard & thick into something smooth & maleable to form the wings of my dragon This is mind blowing how everything come into place magicaly for REAL LIFE changing ( Tim please note that in the story : the trail made of bread crumbs get them lost ( like the in the expression the means justify the ends sort of …spiritualy gets us lost ‘imho’) if you remember well, it’s all been eated by the birds so the children have to change their approaches to keep track of their advancement so they choose white stone so to me this mean,s on the symbolic level that it is angular stones ( marking events )that indicate the future direction to take for the next part of the path on our own healing journey 😉 ) By the way, , if anyone answer, I do not believe in astrology say yes exactly ; because it is not a believe it is a full time living EXPERIENCE if you are enough aware of how you feel (period ) 😀 The warrior of light push in the same sens ,instead of opposing force… always learn from the ‘ennemy’ . I LOVE ( my own old soul ) also you Kaypacha and the Masters Dreamers team held dearly in my heart space. mucho mucho y mas mas XOX GRACIAS

  4. Conjunction+Grand Trine=Convergence+Confluence–>Effulgence-Paradigm Shift/Age of Aquarius-Truth and Understanding

  5. Hi there !!I Yess indeed ; it did not turned out exactly as we discussed …finally I wont get this new place for working outside… but today I ‘ve found a good way to do it inside my appartement and this is better because it will take less energy and financial ressources. 🙂 Also I want to let you know that soon after we’ve made the deal’ ( That wont happen ) the owner of the place here, told me he just received a call from his cousin that he as to cancel coming to work here because his 25 yo daugther (new car ,new nurse diploma and liscence like np ) has been found hanged dead in their home… no letter, no explanation… July 11th

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