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As no one can tell me who I am,
And there's really no failing in the end,
I'm free to create myself again and again and again.


Looks like a wild weekend coming up here! Full Moon acomin' with a square to Uranus portends some surprises. Whether you decide (always better lol) or someone or Life herself decides for you, it's time for more independence, liberation, and Self-expression than maybe you thought. You may get needed space/time whether you thought you needed it or not as Uranus symbolizes our unconscious, not conscious, mind. He can also bring us shocking news from the collective that opens our eyes to the truth whether comfortable or not. Lastly, just electronic stuff in general may get quirky so best to have well laid plans in a peaceful place!

The other side of this that I address in the report is that the challenge, the fun, and growth happens when we put ourselves out there NO MATTER WHAT is going on! To keep that light shining, the vibration high, the eyes bright, and the lips curved upward as we sail through weather of all kinds is to really captain our ship! Ahoy maties!

3 thoughts on “July 13, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty! Excellent report! I’m finding the less I identify (I-dent-if-i) with the made-up limited ego, and fully open and blend with the infinite Omnipresent Universal I (or Oneness, Presence, etc.), the more grace shows up and provides the guidance needed to work within the old frameworks, in a new and vital way (for all concerned!).. When conflict arises, understanding that most folks sincerely don’t know any other way to operate in the world, creates opportunities for compassion, thus less resistance and opening new realms of workable resolutions for all involved. It’s when you loose yourself, when you truly find your Self. Namaste…

  2. Awesome Kaypacha, I’m loving your reports and visuals from Greece, thankyou for doing what you do.

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