I love you,
I'm sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.

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As mentioned in this week's report, below are a couple links to additional videos/music for practicing Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian healing mantra I have used for this week.   However, anytime some "problems," as in difficult emotions arise between yourself and the world (which is bound to happen with these aspects!), you can sing, chant, or simply say this mantra aloud or to yourself for instant healing.  It really is amazing and I hope you try it out!
The astrology of this week is still around emotional connections and the influence of past relationships  (going all the way back to mom and dad and previous lives) on current feelings, needs, fears, and desires.  This New Moon in Cancer feels like we are collectively preparing to give birth to a new "Us" and are feeling the contractions.   An insecure time when we all feel great changes are at hand but there is a huge "not knowing" of just what lies ahead.
What I feel is so valuable right now is releasing the the past to allow for a better, more liberated future and that is what the mantra is all about.  To learn more about what Ho'oponopono is visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qoq75-DQm4
To just listen to the mantra with some theta binaural beats check out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqrssdH6ET4

17 thoughts on “July 15, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you so much. I just turned 40 on the 12th and started making some great new life decisions to start this new decade. The last few days have been guided… enlightened and joyous. However tonight at work I felt destroyed. Frustrated. Ignored. Invisible.
    I came home shattered. Feeling so high, the fall hurts more. My sister whom I live with told me to watch this weeks forecast and it help me get outside myself and see the larger picture. You have an amazing way of pulling me out of myself and understand my participation in a larger energy, a larger plan. Thanks for your calming energy and patient wisdom.
    With metta,

  2. Listening to the first link, the flood of tears came-this was a powerful cleansing indeed! Thank you, Kaypach, for leading me here!

  3. Hi Kaypacha,
    I am a fan of your Pele Report and you are right on with your explanations of how we are moving through time and space and how the Universal energies affect our body, mind, and Spirit~thank you from my heart!
    I have to tell you though that your use of the word “squaw” may be inappropriate. Please look up the word and the history of it’s use.
    I am not from any tribe in this country but I have worked with Tribal people of the Americas for several years.
    I love you! Please forgive me! I am sorry! Thank you!
    I do love you and wish you all the best, in peace…Helen

  4. Thank you for these amazing reports ! Its healing mind spirit and body Much Love and Respect ….. Linda

  5. Hello Kaypacha, today ‘ by chance’ YOU entered my darkened world and like the spirit of nature that you are, you made the sun shine in my being and liberated ME from the manacles of despotic memories. Now I once again feel like the sparkling, sunny ,loving freed spirit that is my nature. Thank you so very much for dispelling the dictatorial regime that had paralysed that part of me.; I love the Ho’oponopono mantra!! It is the most ingenious ‘secret’ key to influencing the move twards the onset of a loving world!

    You inspire the feeling that even though- as you say- it will be a SLOW FREIGHT TRAiN….. it IS possible after all! May the sun shine on you always….

  6. This is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. A way to find peace in this madness and forgive myself in the process. You answer my pleas for guidance each week as if you know my soul. I just don’t even know how to thank you for that.
    Blessings and gratitude and SO MUCH LOVE, Kaypacha

  7. My Dearest Kaypacha,
    You blow my heart, mind and soul wide open every time I tune into hear your report.
    Your wise words, beautiful boldness, amazing authenticity and honest humorous humility rock my boat in the best of ways.
    I bow to your presence.
    So Much Love,

  8. it is always good to hear about the ‘energy’ that’s happening around us from your reports – some clarity and mindfulness to anchor our feelings while trying to wrap our brains around a really chaotic and frightening world at times in terms of news and actions that are just plain evil. In the last year, i have tried to become more vegetarian as i don’t want animals to be harmed. All the meats packaged and their body parts passing me at the supermarket, just makes me Pray as I could feel a Cow standing near me while I worked, nudging me sweetly and intentionally letting me know that it is safe now in a different dimension. I felt tears almost while working and very busy. I think of the mantra ..i love you cow, I’m sorry, Please forgive us, thank you….Next, images via the internet exposing a cesspool attached to factory farms, causing illness to people living around it, the abuse to animals/ pigs, slicing them while still alive……or the needless killing of puppies in kill shelters revealed to be based on “Time to pick them up” despite someone offering to take them home tomorrow. Kill shelter people could not wait and scheduled the puppies killed anyway….”just one hour later! I love you puppies, I am sorry, Please forgive them, thank you…. Denmark killing all the whales and dolphins and telling tourists, ” Report seeing a whale..or we will arrest you.!. I have a tough time saying the mantra here as the ocean in my dream was violent and next day the news revealed dozens of them killed. The genocides in Paupua, near Austraila….killing people. It is 2015. Humans are doing horrible to Other Living Creatures and our environment. Yulin Festival in china…woman takes home a puppy and throws it in boiling water….no compassion for it’s screams… I love you, I’m sorry puppy, Please forgive this …. Thank you… This cold hard masculine control of people, animals the environment…fracking, arctic drilling…. I love you, I am sorry, please forgive mamma earth….Many people are waiting for improvement on Planet Earth.

  9. Your story from the 15th ofJuly gave me hope and understanding in my proces in cutting a very unhappy relationship .
    I.am very tired of fighting against my feelings about this man .

    And always I was afraid to do things not right in his neighbourhood .

    I was a tiran for myself and he was the mirror in this by his attacks to me . A very old story . Though I,m very tired and empty now ,

    I will stop with this and I can forgive myself and him with the words ” I love you , I,m sorry , please forgive me andtThank you!

  10. here is a simple interpretation of Ho’oponopono that came from determined practice.
    i have been teaching it in my kundalini classes! i am so happy to see that i am on board with kaypacha!
    if you play an instrument, pick it up and create a simple riff or rhythm to take it even deeper!

    I love you…i recognize you as another embodiment of the divine

    I am sorry.. i am sorry you had to be less than your full radiance in order to reflect something about my consciousness back to me.

    please forgive me…please forgive me for not recognizing this reflection sooner

    thank you…thank you for sacrificing some of your divine light in service to my awakening.

  11. Thank you god for Kaypacha! You have helped me unlock the mystery of understanding the energy of the planets! Met you in Los Angeles at Rama…. Come back and teach here!!! Love you Sat Nam brother

  12. I cannot stop saying it.

    I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
    Ti amo. Mi dispiace. Perdonami perfavore. Grazie.
    Te amo. Lo siento. Perdoname por favor. Gracias.

    Thank you so much Kaypacha!
    So much love to you.

  13. I am so happy that you talked about this mantra! I have been practicing this since January on a daily basis and it is so transformative and so simple. I thank you for doing what you do. So much love!

  14. Hello!

    1st thanks for all you do. 2nd what is the name of the white flower you show at the beginning of the report?

    Blessings from across the ocean 😉

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