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I now release that part of me,
The relentless, perfectionist within,
And take pleasure in the simple things,
That come with being human.


So yes, this is a great time to be making improvements. Improvements on everything; yourself, your house, your relationships, your career.  As Saturn remains retrograde for another month or so, now is perfect for making the necessary modifications and final adjustments to plans or ideas conceived toward the end of last year or around the New Year.  Those plans and visions will either bear fruit or whither in the next few months after Saturn turns direct.


The timing of not only Saturn, but all the other aspects mentioned in today's report, certainly points to these days being filled with pressure to "Get it right!"  It can be a time when you see the glass as half empty instead of half full. We may see/feel what is missing instead of what is actually there and take actions rooted in negative thinking and pessimistic attitudes/beliefs.  If you go too far to that extreme, you may bounce like a rubber band into wanting to escape everything completely as you get overwhelmed!  So take some time out, chill, and while everything may not turn out EXACTLY as you wanted, thought, or hoped, believe in the divine intelligence behind all that is and see the lesson there for you.

So Much Love,


10 thoughts on “July 18, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. 🙂 Ô my…( Boum Boum Boum… ) I’am here on the ground of Mother Earth I’ve been very mixed up with the days these last weeks… like today I thought we were Tuesday since I got online and saw YOU …TY so very much for all…all… every bit of what you choose to share… ( I wish, hope, pray , I could really discuss your subjects further ) So lets meditate on that… Beautifilled man I injoy as much as possible here… Please accept to injoy my musical contribution that came up after I saw your rubberband allusion .
    I hold you all in my heart space, again very very happy to see you on vaccations !! 😀 All my love XOX

  2. Thank you for always providing an enlightening and inspirational way to view our world, and the ego experience. You’ve helped me through years of trouble with your astute and sensitive observations. 😉 About time for fun! Much love

  3. Kaypacha, darlin’ ~ LOVED this Pele Report! Not only was the location beautiful so we got a mini-vacation but your infectious Leo laughter, lighthearted, fun-filled attitude made me laugh out loud and brought much needed JOY into my space. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Happy Birthday dearest Leo man Kaypacha.
    You’re an inspiration, a force of life.
    purposeful prophet playful pleasure
    Love you so so much
    Diana xx

  5. Ugh, OK!! Another brilliant say-it-like-it is. Leo time to play, and we’ll all get back up again! Heading for a possibly muddy music festival, dropping the inner perfectionist and going to Injoy. Thank you for the laughter, much love and safe travels!!

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