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July 19, 2023 Astrology Forecast

July 19, 2023 Astrology Forecast

Whether things go right or wrong,
It helps if I remember,
That my ego is here to learn and serve,
Its unconscious soul Spirit master.

Hola New Paradigmers!

Venus is retrograde less than any other planet. Retrograde planets are mighty and signify a time of “individuation.” People born with Venus retrograde have a lifetime of breaking from the expectations, norms, judgments, and consensus opinions concerning love, sex, money, and values. Over the next 40 days of Venus retrograde, we can ALL break free and step more into our most authentic selves.

This is a good time to step into your observer and watch how you instinctively feel, what you are attracted to, and desire to create and experience BEFORE your Saturnian inner critic/judge stepping in to “straighten you out.” Leo is a fire sign of courage, and that fire can lead to you stepping up and stepping out into a whole new you.

And yes, you can’t please everyone, and you may raise some eyebrows and ire amongst family and friends who are used to seeing/experiencing an old version of yourself. This is where the underworld confrontation begins. You cannot control them, and they cannot control you unless, through some guilt, shame, fear, or pride, they find a way to. Watch close and stand tall!

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Whether things go right or wrong,
It helps if I remember,
That my ego is here to learn and serve,
Its unconscious soul Spirit master.

Last week, I discussed Pluto square the nodes, which we can say is active for at least July and August. We now have Chiron and Venus stationing retrograde, active into September. These transits, combined with Black Moon Lilith (BML), now conjunct Venus as she stations, point to this time period as an underworld, death/resurrection opportunity/experience. Both Pluto and BML are underworld characters, Chiron died and resurrected, and in today’s report, I speak of Inanna, who also descended and rose again from the underworld.

In astrology, the underworld is associated with Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th house. It is where we confront, yield, or conquer “forces beyond our control.” These are many and varied. And whether we win or lose, the confrontation requires that we go down and dig deep within ourselves (into the root chakra) to summon up the power of the life force in order to survive. We discover new sources of power within ourselves as a result.

The stars now point to this as a transition period from an old life/identity to a new expression of our more powerful Leonine self. This is not a walk in the park. The confrontation can occur in any one (or more) of the twelve houses of your birth chart. The matters of the other 11 may continue to go smoothly, but somewhere in your life right now, you are being asked to let go, surrender, submit, expose, and humble yourself to be reborn anew. You can do this!

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Gregg Braden’s talk on Transhumanism.
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