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It's about becoming a master,
When surrounded by disaster,
I remain within my center,
Not as victim but as creator.


Inch by inch, bit by bit, degree by degree, it's gettin' better around this time! Mars is slowly crawling out of Scorpio letting go of it's trine to the Sun as It moves into Leo tomorrow!!!! Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Leo point to some fun, games, drama, and adventure.

As I mention in the report, our daily realities are surrounded and influenced by ever wider circles of events, people, and influences. This Leo fun that we are having might be on a rainy day, or a deserted island, or just after an earthquake. Leo and the 5th house are associated with children, and they can be our teachers during times of stress and strain as they live more in the NOW and HERE. Let's do it!


10 thoughts on “July 20, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing the depths; silence, stillness and beauty of what is below, with the contrasting beauty above, filled with movement; air, light, sound, water, etc…. What is similar to both, earth in all it’s magnificent and diverse creations… We are All the intersection of what is above and below, “…spiritual Beings having a physical experience” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin… Now is the time to open to the truth lying within, so All may also be in agreement without… The time of chaos, is an opportunity to see what came before from a different perspective, so we have an opportunity releasing what doesn’t work, opening to opportunities creating in a new ways that supports All moving forward… Excellent report! Blessings and Namaste…

  2. So good to hear ! You brought it to THE POINT again ! Wake up words ! Just love it ! Thank you bringing nice clearness !

  3. Well that explains everything that has been going on in my life this week! Thank you for helping me find my inner warrior on this sad Friday morning while I sit in victim mode consciousness. Your words of wisdom bring clarity, hope, strength, and renewal back into my life. Safe travels on your journey! Peace be with you!

  4. Hola Kaypacha!
    Greetings from Northern New Mexico,
    Thank you so much for sharing the filming of the caves on Greek Islands…it was an extra special treat.
    Your report this week was very helpful in putting the last year and coming months into perspective.
    Wishing you many beautiful blessings,

  5. right on!! I am blown away by the synchronized time-line of events personally. thank you for the validation. you freak’n rock!!!

  6. Thank you Kaypacha I loved this weekly report, I feel into whats happening, thank you for the confirmation, for the love in your interpretations, I appreciate your work so much

  7. In the process of letting go of financial security to live the life I desire to live, your words give me courage. AND looking forward to workshop in Rennes le Chateau next week, yeh!!!

  8. What a stunning report – you are always so right on! And I am always amazed at how I completely resonate.Its just INCREDIBLE! I have so much love for you! After a crazy time especially this last 6/ 7 months I am the creator of a whole new world for myself! Yet this path may take some time to be found and truly serve or reap and I find myself overwhelmed with taking on a new career opportunity too where both align – do I need this new career / demanding JOB ?? I ask myself to challenge myself and see. If not I know I can create myeslf over and over again. So so grateful for your guidence wise wise words. Namaste. So much LOVE!!

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