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July 21, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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There is a place beyond right and wrong,
I will meet you there.
We will sing and dance and play in the Sun,
Like children without a care.

Hey Kids!

“Come on! Let’s go play some ball! Oh, your mom won’t let you? Can you sneak out the back door without her seeing you?” That’s Leo bursting out of Cancer this week, with Jupiter in Pisces opposite Venus! Time to put the paper down, stop cleaning and cooking, put on some fancy clothes, get all dolled up and head on out to the dance floor! I’m sure there are plenty of reasons not to, you shouldn’t, more important things to do, it’s not safe, bla bla bla. OK then, stay home then, but DO something creative, something new, just to say you did.

And yes, with Mercury opposite Pluto you might have some writer’s block. Somebody or something right in the doorway you’re trying to go through. It may take some persistence, some pushing, some determination. You may need to summon up that dormant energy sleeping at the root of your spine and give yourself a kick in the behind. But once you do get going, you’ll build up speed, get some wind in your hair, start smiling, and be glad you’re ALIVE! You get the blood moving, and before you know it, the blood is moving you!

We’re moving and shaking it around here at NPA! I’m not only going to Ibiza coming up, but then I’m heading down to Dubai! I’ve passed through there before but never got outside the airport. So I’m super grateful and excited to be invited by the SEVA Experience to teach for a couple of weeks. I’ll be sharing both “Discover Your Soul’s Purpose” AND “What Will Happen When,” LIVE with kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more. Check it out HERE!

We’re also putting the final touches on a couple other surprises that I’ll be announcing through “Leo Season,” so stay tuned. Maybe we should have a “creative contest” or something like the dancing for Astrology Rising. Hmmm, I’ll put some thought into that and let you know. If you are a member of the NPA Community, you’ll get “in the know,” first about many things, astrology, yoga, and otherwise. Check out all the advantages of membership HERE!

There is a place beyond right and wrong,
I will meet you there.
We will sing and dance and play in the Sun,
Like children without a care.

Welcome the Sun into the fiery realm of Leo the Lion (hearted)! Children playing in the Sun is a beautiful reminder of how healing, strengthening and centering simple pleasures can be. Joy sends the blood coursing through our veins just a little bit faster, lighter, and more luminous. Like the laughing Buddha, some good belly laughs lift our spirits higher, and we can feel an incredible lightness of being. 

Today’s mantra was Rumi inspired as he wrote a poem about not just a place but a whole field beyond right and wrong. There is room for everyone and everything under the Sun, and while it is true that we face challenges, obstacles, and perhaps angering limitations, we don’t want to forget the creative spirit within. Let’s remember the old axiom, “Use it or lose it!” The sheer ability to create expands and grows the more we make! And if we doubt, feel small, unworthy, and uncreative, surely our thoughts will create that reality! So let’s light up and live! 

Let’s do a little Ramblin’ with the Allman Brothers!
Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends!

So Much Love,

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