With Bold determination,
I will make my destination,
As an agent of creation,
In a world of celebration.

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Wow, wild times!

On the one hand we have the Mars square Uranus which wants to break free, out of the box, impulsively and immediately! The thing is that at the same time we have this Venus square Saturn, which, as I say in the report, is about shaking up the relationships and commitments around love and relationship. However, Venus/Saturn is way more about conserving what is important and not throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. So the one energy is don't give a damn and the other energy is somewhat opposite... be careful and cautious.

But what they both have in common and what the mantra speaks to is the need to really use these times to build our character, and with sill force, determine who we want to be as a person and BE THAT. It may not please, it may not work immediately, it may seem whacky to other people who are down, but that is the call of Leo. At some point it just boils down to being who you are and if you wanna be love than you just have to be that. So be that haha! Injoy!

23 thoughts on “July 22, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

    • I am energized by your spirit .. weekly I need your energy and explanation of knowing what is going on out there, so to prepare for what I can do to help myself and our planet right here. Your spirit calms my soul and I thank you for your generous efforts.. So Much Love to you, and A Very Happy Birthday. In your honor I will Par-tey today!!!! Baaay~Bay!

    • Happy Birthday from sunny South Africa!! Thank you for your teachings…many blessings and much light to you today and always. Namaste.

  1. The best Pele Report yet. So appreciate the pep talk and your bright burning light! Feeling and sending the birth day love!!

  2. Happy Birthday! So much enjoy your Vision & integrated oneness concepts! You are opening the door way !

    • Happy Birthday Leo sun Kaypacha! Liking that you have such insite into Leo sign at this time of year. I have been enjoying these updates each week, and thankyou for your interpretations in technicolor. Hope to continue and delve in more deeply to the community here. Namaste. Much success and Love

  3. Good Morning and Happy Birthday!~

    I’ve felt such a kinship with you and now I see that were both early Leos!~ I am so ready for the shift that I feel I have been preparing for in my heart of heartz ~this Sunday marks my 35th cycle around the Sun and I have been bubbling up in anticipation for all of what that entails. My Light shines thru my clowning and music and I am bringing these ways that I express my creativity back into my community! Many changes on this beautiful morning as I watch the sun rise with Leo just below the horizon clustered with the energies of so much Self Work to do!~

    Thank you for channelling the Magickal Alignments into an expression so many can resonate with.

    You have truly helped me with this next step and for that I am grateful!~

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaypacha !
    Once more : thank you so much for your reports. They bring me peace, inner calm, strenght, comprehension, inspiration, compassion, LOVE, and much, much more.
    Namaste, and so much love to you !

  5. Thank you so much for this one! Right on the heels of Ho’oPonoPono! And the tough lessons of the July 8 report. I feel like I’ve been on a “crash course” for clearing up old baggage and painting an entirely authentic life. Your clarity and perspective helps me so much! Blessings and gratitude, Kaiara

  6. Wow Zowie, everything I just needed to hear….Aquarius at 26 degrees in the third house I am being reamed and this Blue Moon been an interesting strech…thanks for the reality check….

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