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July 22nd, 2020 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

July 22nd, 2020 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

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There is inevitable loss following gain,
As the waxing full Moon will certainly wane,
One part of learning is producing the show,
The other is listening in order to grow.

Round and round and round in the circle game! What goes up must come down, spinnin’ wheels gotta go round. What’s on the rise is the new impulse for a new paradigm being forcefully, sometimes radically, sometimes violently, expressing with this Mercury 90 degree square to Mars in Aries (the sign of new beginnings). This will continue to escalate right up to the opposition on September 24th, near the time that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto start to go forward again!

While it’s a good time to “Imagineer,” there is also a strong impulse to rebel, tear down, destroy the old, and just be mean. Not to lay blame, but in many cases, the old not giving way to or supporting the growth of the new, in some ways, is asking for it. A simple analogy is that of the parent-child relationship. Some of us have/had parents that supported our self-expression, thereby requiring little arguing, distancing or rebelling for that expression to manifest. Others of us have/had parents that did not support, but try/tried to control our expression. In this case, we either succumb/ed to their domination or rebelled/distanced ourselves from them in order to individuate. In some cases, it could/would build up to violent confrontation.

The way I see the world unfolding at this time indicates that we are in a situation where the “powers that be” do not support the unfolding of the new, individuated, diverse forms of expression. The ensuing “peaceful protests” turning violent is the result of this “not listening.” On the other hand, the “parents,” or existing authorities can also serve the emerging new impulses by offering wisdom and guidance rather than letting impulsive acts of expression bring harm. Hence the New Moon of this month having the Sabian symbol of the muse balancing the scales.

So Much Love,

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