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Like a whale that dwells in the depths of the sea,
Then bursts forth high in the air,
The more I know my deep dark soul,
The more I can open and share.


As I mention in the report, we have all been going through a purification period which has required deep soul searching, cleansing, and possibly exposing/releasing "truths" about ourselves in a soul preparation for "bursting forth"! This blossoming is on the near horizon, yet, so as not to be premature, with Mercury stepping into Virgo, it is time to make final adjustments to our plans and relationships prior to acting.

With Mercury/Venus trine Uranus/Eris right now we may feel that urge to break free, liberate, and kiss off some current scene we are now engrossed in. This tendency may prove immature, impulsive, and result in less than desirable results. Rather, if we truly, objectively analyze our current situation just for the next few days we may have some realizations that assist us to fine tune our future plans. With the New Moon in Leo and Mars moving into Sag next week the timing will be perfect for raising the sails and heading for new frontiers. May the wind be at your back! Injoy!

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8 thoughts on “July 27, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Pushing against “resistance”, begets “resistance”… Just like “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind!” When the mother’s body is ready, she opens (dilates) enough for the child to emerge (just like when a woman is ready, she opens for the male to enter!)… When you are “open”, those “ready” will come into your space, “on their own”! No, man-ip-u-lat-i-on necessary and/or needed! We all began as a spark within the nurturing and safe darkness of the mother’s womb, growing until we are ready to emerge into the light and space of the unknown… I once asked, “Why are we here?” The best answer, “To know what we are not!” In our life’s passage, we consistently change form, bombarded with all that isn’t us, to eventually awaken to know our real and true Self… No “right or wrong” (that’s “ego”, or learned definitions (de-fine-i-on) from others, used to man-i-pul-ate us to “con-form” to their “ego”!)… Awakening is coming out of the sleep of what we learned (ego), into full awareness of our true Being that resides in all of us… Just as the gondola passed through the tight canal, merging into the grand canal, we reside with the micro and macro of All that Is… Wounds are simply a misunderstanding of what truth is… When we release what we are “not” (which is most of what we have learned~!), “wounds” vanish back to the ether from where they originated! We don’t “need” healing, only to “re-member” who we already are! Pure magnificent Being… Thanks for sharing… Namaste…

  2. Aloha Auntie White Dove, Thank you for your Super white whale report, as Migaloo here in Australia resurfaces with his progeny,so I have felt exactly as you said. Deep down in the Soul,pain and suffering of past,to be released into a Beautiful transformation Bursting vibratorially throughout the Universe, A KNEW SONG IS BORN FIRE AND PURISFICATION.THANKS NAMASTE

  3. Hello Kaypacha, Great astrology report as always… there just is a typo on the written part of the mantra in case you want to fix it. Thanks for what you do…

  4. Hi Kaypacha,

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us.
    I researched Eris, looking for inspirational side of her. She was “discovered ” in 2005. “Sometimes referred to as the “tenth planet,” its discovery is responsible for upsetting the traditional count of nine planets in our Solar System, as well as leading the way to the creation of a new astronomical category. ” While this was seen as strife in discord in the old paradigm , I see the aspect of Eris that is the paradigm shifter the element that shows us where our assumptions are outmoded and is the great opportunity to change our paradigms, our place in the structure we use to order our lives, to to open up to seeing new patterns to reevaluate to include new information. Shaking off the patriarchal paradigm of change being strife and discard and instead welcome the element that changes the paradigm. To have this fabulous catalytic energy conducting uranus the potential to change our paradigm is fabulous! WOW in these degrees of Aries welcoming varying and recurring opportunities and impeachable integrity in fullness of life . Such support for change if we choose to accept it enthusiastically and not fight it!
    Thank you for all you share and create!

  5. Ohhh…. The shame cycle. ugh. It’s been hell. Wow. Thank you for articulating it. Glad I waited a few days to listen to the report. I was in the epicenter. These weekly updates are such a gift and you are so sweet to take the time to talk to all of us while your on vacation. Sending you lots of love!

  6. Dear Kaypacha,
    what a fantastic Pele Report, with those amazing shots of Venice – so much appreciated. 🙂 …like the whole report, always, all of them, really. You and they have been such a great addition and inspiration to my life. Thank you so much. You find such fitting words. And are so wonderfully authentic and likable. Such a pleasure.
    It’s been a while that I (more than once) watched this report and can’t make sense of one thing you say and hope you (or someone else even) will clarify for me what you mean by “…where the prophets have been shot, hung and crucified”… WHO and WHAT are you talking about exactly? I would love to know (it’s been in my head since and is not letting go of me) and would be thankful for an answer. Even a short one.
    All the best,

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