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July 28, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I really need to breathe, and push, and believe,
Because now is the time to give birth.
It’s up to me, not he or she,
To bring my light to earth.

Hola Re-Birthers!

I say re-birthers because that is exactly what we are and what we need to do. Just as the Sun god Ra would set each night and meet the mighty serpent Apophis (evil) who fought to kill him, we too, must remain ever vigilant and do battle with our own (and others) demons as well. Fortunately, the Sun is the cosmic symbol of victory, as each sunrise demonstrates! So may our efforts also result in a glorious, generous, and benevolent sharing of our light!

I hope that now, during this Leo season, you are taking the time to celebrate yourself, your capacities, abilities, ideas, and creative visions. These are the seeds that will sprout and grown into a new, improved, future world. Please also take the time to walk, climb, swim, hike, and ride through natural areas of this wondrous planet. She provides us with so many gifts, materials, needs, and inspiration that I’m sure it will be time well spent.

As astrologers, we also know that “this too shall pass,” which is why I am encouraging you to go for it now! Virgo follows on the heal of Leo just as sunset follows high noon. We’ve got plenty of work ahead of us so take a swim while you can! I feel like I’m talking to myself because we’ve been hard at it, putting together the New Paradigm School of Astrology! Stay tuned if you’re interested in learning more about astrology because we are all about making it more fun, accessible, and transforming than anything currently out there. I’ll be sharing more next week!

You may have already seen on our website or social media that I am heading back out to teach live workshops again this fall! I’m bound and determined to push through what needs to be pushed through to bring living astrological and yogic experiences to as many people as I can. More about that will be coming too, but for now, check out my upcoming workshops and sign up now HERE!

I really need to breathe, and push, and believe,
Because now is the time to give birth.
It’s up to me, not he or she,
To bring my light to earth.

Honestly, I can’t say much more than I did in the Pele Report right now (it was a long one, eh)! Besides not mentioning La Luna moving through Aries (push), Taurus (make real), and Gemini (spread the good word), I didn’t go too much into the T-square of Mercury and the Sun opposite Saturn BOTH squaring Uranus. However, the Sun/Mercury squaring Uranus isn’t exact until next week, so you’ll have to tune in then, HAHA! 

For now, I hope you have time to check out “We Have to Come Back” for some inspiration! 

Then our song list for this week can start with George Harrison and Paul Simon doing “Here Comes the Sun”
“Stuck in the Middle With You”
and “Heart of the Sunrise” (love the ending!)

So Much Love,

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