I see that this plan, this purpose of mine,
Is going to take some time.
And part of the process,
Is a need to discuss it,
So boundaries are clearly defined.

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We've got the full Moon coming in Aquarius this Friday opposing the stellium of planets in Leo = Individual opposite Community/Group. The need for us to cooperate with each other in order to really get anywhere these days is becoming more apparent all the time now isn't it?

In addition to this full Moon, we are 3/4 of the way through a 20 year "social change" cycle of Jupiter/Saturn that began in 2000 and will go to 2020. Remember when George Bush was elected? Where were you and what were you thinking/planning? These long range goals are now at a turning point of adjustment and recalibration, possibly to accommodate the needs of the greater Aquarian future of humanity and earth herself? Let's hope the personal and collective changes are wholistic and harmonious. Injoy!

16 thoughts on “July 29, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Soooo enjoy your weekly report. You add much needed humor as we build our new foundations in this new paristm?

  2. Sorry man, but I taught my cat to do “SIT” since he was Young and he makes it perfectly….and he ‘s so cute!!!
    I got the message behind anyway. Thanx and happy b-day.

  3. Wow, Brother Kaypacha. Is that funky Manakin sending a message, hopping an inverted triangulation? Haha. So Fascinating “jupiter & saturns 20 year cycle” and balance. You always make the weather accessible, even while coralling cats. 🙂
    Change is an inevitable dynamic, our sacred selves have no limiting beliefs. Discerment is measure twice, cut once with a breath for spirit. Virtuous consumption requires, conscious habits of change, reflection, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, love and cooperation. Thresholds of change are just that.
    The free will to weave with everybody any tension into a creation.
    Life goes on, duty goes on, ascension goes on, whether we participate to walk forward or reflect back.
    Our infinite wisdom grounds us in the unknown.
    Tipping points, dead zones require the purest and strongest of heart wisdom to fill and move them, so Gaia’s legacy continues, evolves.
    For all the leading tribes & pioneers in the threshold negotiations, from the future and the past dimensions, in all that is. I humbly send love.

  4. just wanted to thank you.

    Appreciate you and your unique point of view.

    Sorry to delay in the Birthday wishes, but they are there.

    One of these days perhaps we will meet.

  5. Amazingly on point again! Thank you for the perspective or.. the reminder that perspective is always there.

    December until now is SO significant on all fronts and .. well I should be able to laugh (this week past) but the whole thing’s been too damn intense. It’s also been incredible, beautiful and continues to unfold, but yes, only if the work keeps getting done and the discussions keep happening.

    Happy solar return to you Kaypacha! Blessings for an amazing year ahead.

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