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Love truly is the answer,
Whenever I'm in doubt.
It is the reason why I'm here,
And what it's all about.


Indeed! This is what the Year of Purification is all about and leading us into. Through all the challenges and the crisis, it has been helping us to boil our thoughts, deeds, and actions down to the bottom line = Love. Perhaps giving us no one or nothing else to stand on or believe in, we have the chance, with a slight push from Life, to open our hearts to love.

It's turning around now, and if you stop and breathe and taste her, Life will fill all your senses with sweet nectar. As we set aside our goals, and our hopes, and our future expectations of ourselves and the other, we find the undercurrent of life taking us exactly where we need to go to find ourselves and love.

This is the magic of Chiron/Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer, and Mars in Scorpio. We have indeed hit a turning point in June that, now through, will allow for our resurrection into a new light, a new life, and perhaps a new path! Not with instant gratification, the energy will be building slowly, but truly, a new horizon awaits those who are ready to leave the past behind. Injoy!

5 thoughts on “July 6, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. One saying, “The rooster crows, but the hen delivers the goods.” Another saying, “A dominate can’t have control, without the submissive’s permission!”… When focusing on the old rules of engagement concerning gender roles, we perpetuate the gerbil wheel of redundancy! The purpose of conflict is to create something new that works for “everyone” involved, instead of continuing to play out the old ego paradigms of the past, expecting a different result (the definition of insanity!)… Embracing and uniting the feminine and the masculine within each of us, offers new creations in outer manifestations of these principles, towards relations that work with both our strengths and weaknesses together (outside of the old frameworks!)… When he releases control, she reveals powerful worlds he wouldn’t have experienced otherwise! Within vulnerability, strength is revealed… She swims in the rebirthing waters of Cancer to emerge into the light of the Sun and her true strength in Leo (Durga/ Shakti). He swims in the transformative waters into a new birthed truth (Shiva)… Scorpio is also the phoenix who burns to ash and is reborn, towards a new truth in Sagittarius, thus he walks “with” her in the fires of creation… This is the time of unexplored realms, creating wondrous opportunities to step beyond old roles, providing freedoms to both, to just Be… Separateness is illusion… We are all One… Rumi, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Thank for sharing… Namaste…

  2. Thanks for the Pele Report! Amazing! Also, Thanks to EL for this wonderful comment which puts into words what I wanted to say and a beautiful Rumi quote! How do other people feel about ‘gender roles’? Masculine/Feminine? There Is the notion that women are ‘givers’ and men ‘receivers’, is this our collective experience or is it outdated? Do men have to be “questioned” by women about their integrity? This seems out of balance to me. True love I feel is born out of friendship, respect & trust. The man and woman can both give & receive. Call me an idealist. We just have to get on and like you say “stick around” !!! πŸ™‚ Peace Xxx

  3. Thank you just had a sweat lodge for Sisterhood Goddessess, what you say is so RAW REAL AND WITH IT Thanks,Just Love the tribal vibe,co creating New Multidimensional Portals of Oneness.Auntie White Dove

  4. To toughen up and return back in order for that powerful, non-judgmental, strong and nurturing feminine energy, which deserves dignity and respect, to step back in and do what we do struck a chord for me. Bring on the love, we all need it. Thank you so much your persepctive. It helps with making sense in some chaotic times.

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