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July 6, 2022 Astrology Forecast

July 6, 2022 Astrology Forecast

I’d rather use my feelings,
To inform and guide my thoughts,
Than use my mind to control and suppress,
My emotions as I have been taught.

In the midst of complications,
I will not forget,
That the point of life and living,
Is to love and reconnect.

Hola Wounded Warriors!

I’m enjoying the book I shared in today’s Pele Report. It is an old classic, “Iron John,” by Robert Bly, where he goes through the Grimm’s fairytale of Iron John and discusses all the symbolism contained therein. For example, in one chapter, he points out that the story’s hero goes to the woods where an army of iron-clad soldiers on horses appears to aid him in defending the king.

He points out how astrologically, iron is related to the planet Mars and the god of war, Aries. It symbolizes firmness and strength of character that naturally grows as we mature into adults. He goes further to share that for many of us, due to challenging childhood conditions, we become more like copper conduits than iron-clad warriors. That we place one hand on the head of mom or dad when they are angry or frustrated, and the other hand on the earth to release that energy, calm the situation, and restore peace and harmony. As we grow, we continue more as copper conductors in all our relationships, taking on others’ negative energy and not standing firm in our own, not developing the iron will of the warrior.

I encourage all of us, with both Chiron and Jupiter in Aries these days, to take time out for ourselves (Sun, Mercury, and Lilith in Cancer) and feel into past situations that have contributed to habitual patterns wherein we sacrifice our right to be heard and have an impact. Instead of shying away and avoiding conflict (Moon in Libra, today), we can become more “ïron-like,” assert our truth and share our point of view. Fortunately, Mars transiting through Taurus the Bull is signaling a time to stand firm (fixed sign) within ourselves, become more self-sufficient, and give other people’s energy right back to them and let them deal with it! Time to clean house. You deserve to maintain your peace and inner harmony and let others discover and create their own!

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I’d rather use my feelings,
To inform and guide my thoughts,
Than use my mind to control and suppress,
My emotions as I have been taught.

The second important focus of attention is our health.

The energy is waxing (increasing) along with the Moon as she squares the Sun today and continues on her journey to become full next Wednesday. She traverses the “relationship signs” of Libra and then Scorpio before heading upward and outward to Sag and Capricorn. This is a week of working, talking, and processing our relationships, what they are about, why, and how to best grow within or without them. It is a time of listening both to what others share and our inner drummer and finding where the best harmony resounds.

With social distancing and other measures being put in place to separate us, we need to strive even harder for the real, human, emotional connections that give meaning, joy, and purpose to our lives. The aspects for this week say to slow down, take it easy, and reflect on what is most important to you. You may find that you have changed, are changing, and long for more change in your life. If this is the case, it will be helpful to remember that safety and security are found first through cultivating a stronger relationship with yourself, your soul, and Spirit than with any material, temporary, earthly condition. You’ve got this!

I’m excited to have made it to Europe in order to meet with circles of people to celebrate ourselves, life, and connection in real-time. As I mention in the report, time in silence with yourself, time in nature, and time with friends and family contribute more to peace of mind, growth, and evolution than any other pastime. I hope you plan a local full Moon ceremony with all your like-minded friends, sing, chant, dance, and enjoy the simple (Mars in Taurus) pleasures that make life worth living! Feel those feelings and share them with love.

Billy Joel, You May be Right.
Eagles, Take it Easy!

So Much Love,

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