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July 7, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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It’s up to me, as old as I am,
To care for the child within.
I laugh and cry, fall down and fly,
Embracing it all thick or thin.

Hi Kids!

Yup! It’s the time of year to celebrate kids and the kids within. We’ve got a new Moon coming up in Cancer that sets the tone of feel, play, laugh, and cry for this next month. So let’s all just be us for a little while, let our hair down (if we have any), open up, and just “hang out” a little bit. We not only have the new Moon in Cancer, the sign of moms and babies but Venus and Mars joining together in Leo, the sign of teenagers and romance. We are emerging from a tense period marked with stress and opposition, so be sure to leave those at the door.

Seriously, as I say in the lunar report, it is not like all the world’s problems will disappear, but it is not our responsibility to solve the world’s problems either. There is a balance between personal and social responsibility, and the emphasis is now on the personal. When we are at our best, we give our best, shine our brightest, and inspire the most. We also see/find ourselves on ever-deepening levels through our creations. So let’s get to it, CREATE!

Speaking of creating, I’ll be doing the “What Will Happen When” weekend workshop starting Friday. We closed the registration for this course as it involves a lot of calculating charts and personal reports for everyone. However, stay tuned as we will be posting the whole thing as a bundle in the store very soon! You’ll be able to view it at your own pace and in your own space.

Additionally, the Friday night talk I’m giving that goes through all the different ages/years of a human lifespan, describing what changes happen when, will be airing for free to the New Paradigm Astrology Community on Sunday! If you’d like to catch that little piece of the 14-hour course, check out all our community benefits and join us HERE!

It’s up to me, as old as I am,
To care for the child within.
I laugh and cry, fall down and fly,
Embracing it all thick or thin.

It’s an emotional time! And that feels like a roller coaster of extreme emotions right now as not only the new Moon in Cancer brings them up but Venus in square to Uranus (the planet of sudden radical change). From the adult witness/observer, we “let the children play,” knowing that whatever mood or feeling is dominant now will be replaced with another. However, that doesn’t make it any less intense, and there can be important information seeking recognition, so try and sit with these feelings. Better yet, talk to them and ask them what they want! 

As I mentioned in the report, the energy will be lightening up as la Luna moves into Leo, first joins, and then passes Venus and Mars, uniting in the sunny rays of Leo. This is a good week to hang out at home with friends, pick up that old guitar, cook some amazing dishes, or dust off the hobby shelf. Taking time for ourselves is nourishing, wholesome, and strengthening. Let’s get to know ourselves through creating beautiful, original works of art (and just about anything can be art, LOL)! 

Shinedown – Simple Man
Cat Stevens – Where Do The Children Play

So Much Love,

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