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June 1, 2022 Astrology Forecast

June 1, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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In the midst of complications,
I will not forget,
That the point of life and living,
Is to love and reconnect.

Hola Lightworkers!

Let us not be lulled into a passive acceptance or the illusion that anything has slowed down or is “returning to normal.” As I mention in this week’s report, there is a full-scale attack upon the liberty and sovereignty of humanity underway, and we are merely in a trough between waves of the old patriarchal system’s power grab. This new Moon in Gemini, with Mercury going direct and Mars charging forward in Aries, is signaling a time when it is necessary to pay attention, stay informed, and continue to “rock the boat” so the current narrative does not hypnotize others.

The Sabian symbol for stationing Saturn also speaks to the need for critical thinking concerning what we take in and how we speak out. Our challenge at this time is two-fold. One is to remain cool, calm, and composed as we gently urge our friends and family to consider alternative perspectives on what they may be regarding as “the science, the solution, or the best way to move forward collectively.” As Mattias Desmet, the psychologist from Belgium (I mistakenly said the Netherlands in the report), says so clearly, it is not necessary to convince or convert anyone over to our point of view so much as to simply disturb the hypnotic trance MSM is luring into them. This alone can help break the spell being cast by encouraging them to think for themselves.

The second important focus of attention is our health. With Neptune in the third decan of Pisces (ruled by Pluto) and Saturn also entering Pisces next March to conjunct Neptune from July 2025 to March 2026, we need to be clear that our immune systems are under attack. Metaphysics tells us that the physical body is the final “resting place” of what occurs in our spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. The north node in Taurus and Chiron in Aries also points toward our need to strengthen our autonomy, grow more independent, and gain self-sufficiency on all levels. The fact that these inoculations weaken the natural immune system over time makes this even more imperative. Please refer to the Resources page on my website for protocols to help the immune system for those who have been inoculated and other protocols for those who have not, and of course, take your turmeric.

Beginning with nurturing ourselves and our bodies, enjoying the beauty, wonder, and joy of being here on earth and one with nature, we can feel more at home, centered, strong, beautiful, worthy, and powerful. It’s essential to take time out, give our heads a break, sing, dance, play, and create. This, in turn, can heal our relationships so that love, the most powerful force in the universe, can grow, thrive, and bless us all. We’re a lot easier to get along with when we’re at our best!

Uranus conjunct the north node for the next few months, encourages us to experiment, go outside the box, entertain and initiate new relationships with new people, go new places, and let go of those that may have supported us in the past but are no longer doing so. This is true of attitudes and beliefs as well. Yikes! Everything is up for grabs, from our health to our livelihoods and relationships. Keep repeating this week’s mantra along with “I’ve got this.”

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I hope you take good care of yourself, keep healthy boundaries on every level, and help your family, friends, and neighbors stay strong and keep the faith.

In the midst of complications,
I will not forget,
That the point of life and living,
Is to love and reconnect.

Here is the interview of Mattias Desmet that I spoke of in today’s report (who is from Belgium, not the Netherlands, oops!). It is a “must-see!” And here is another older and longer interview that was shared with me. I haven’t yet seen it but imagine he states the same principles I spoke of.

Our challenge remains the same: to be strong and soft, open while maintaining clear boundaries, assertive and receptive, loud and quiet, big and small, spiritual and sexy, rich, humble and generous, wise and innocent, deep and accessible… etc, etc, etc. The list can go on and on but boils down to INTEGRATING OPPOSITES. Again, we are multidimensional beings living in a three-dimensional reality TEMPORARILY — “This” is not all there is. Let us not limit ourselves to the physical senses and rational mind. We are more than that. 

Breaking through the duality is the path to health, vigorous vitality, clarity, connection, meaning, fulfillment, inner peace, and love. The label “bipolar,” so often applied by today’s limited psychology to a growing number of people, refers to individual souls who are banging their heads against the narrow perceptional box of reality that they have been given and are ready and willing to break out. The key is non-force. The power is love.

Like so many martial arts teach us, once we master the art of seeing and feeling the flow of energy, we can play with it, move it, and harness its power. Awakening all our senses to what is going on around us on a multiplicity of levels brings us the capacity, the truth, and the energy to change ourselves and bring life-enhancing change to our brothers and sisters. So agree to disagree, poke the lion, wake the world. Blessings!

I have two songs for this week, depending on where you find yourself on the broad spectrum of frequencies now available. The collective condition of this week’s astrology is reflected in Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” which is even more relevant today than when he wrote it, practically prophetic.

That might bring you down a bit, so to regain center and lighten up, remember that we are all “Returning” and Jennifer sings it beautifully.

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So Much Love,

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