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I am an eternal student of life,
Whether in the light or dark of night,
I open my mind and heart to the new,
No longer afraid, I embrace what is true.


Ha ha! You know that feeling when you're just too tired to fight? You throw up your hands and say, "That's it, I'm done!" You spit out your truth one last time, put it on the table like a hand of cards. Whether you win or lose, it's out there. Well, that can be like what these days are like (as you may have noticed in the report, haha!). We are all just are what we are. As hard as we try to keep others happy, when we get exhausted, the show no longer goes on. This is exactly one way that Mars/Uranus/Nodes/Jupiter can work.

This week the planets are all just encouraging us to to be true to ourselves, put ourselves out there for better or for worse and see who our friends really are, lol! The more we've been compromising ourselves to avoid ruffling feathers, the more feathers we will ruffle! And we may get our feathers ruffled, too!

May you enjoy a good ruffle or two! In joy!

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5 thoughts on “June 13, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hi there !! ( Great to seeya: boum boum boum ) Hey about the quote from Lincoln; one of yr friend comment on the NPA yt channel ‘possibly maybe’ he wrote what you tried to report , is from Carl Gustav J … 😀 Mataharifilms comment Jung: “Free will is the willingness to do gladly that which is required of me.” Or Lincoln had puted out something similar… Let me tell you that for an uninspired tired man , yr report had been up to now, very well perceived & received by most of people … me included … yes this fine balance between freedom & connection, tolerance & acceptance… love & enjoying … honoring the presence of the other when meeting occurs…I wish you good times & good luck too… Namasté & much Love xox

  2. I’m beginning to think feathers are meant to be ruffled, up to a point. Also smoothed over and soothed. Thank you Kaypacha for your beautiful sharing. Exasperated and surrendered, I cannot think of anything more divinely tuned than that 🙂 Your report could not have been any more spiritual. Thank You.

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