STAR PASSAGES with Kaypacha
An Astrological Rite of Passage in Nature
June 14-19, 2016

During this 6-day camping retreat in Utah’s breathtaking Canyonlands, we will explore Astrology through our innate connection with the Natural World. Surrounded by expansive views, Cottonwoods, and the beauty of the desert along Professor Creek near Arches National Monument, we will take a fascinating and visceral journey through your astrological chart, divined and interpreted by master astrologer, Kaypacha. Rite of Passage guides Nicole Lescher and Galaxy Dancer will facilitate a series of explorations in Nature to bring you into a deeper connection and understanding of your natal chart and all of its potential. Practices include ceremony, storytelling and reflection, the “yoga of astrology”, nature walks, journal writing, and a personal solo journey camped out on the land. Kaypacha will offer insights into your unique astrological blueprint and personal evolution. In this program you will approach Nature as your partner in exploring both astrological concepts as well as you own life purpose and meaning. We will learn about the ecology of the land and its ancient inhabitants, including a hike to view petroglyphs. This program is designed for anyone wanting a deeper connection with their true Self in a natural setting: unplug and savor Nature’s gifts!

DATESJune 14 – 19, 2016

Arrival: Evening of Monday, June 13th, program begins 9:00am Tuesday, June 14th

Departure: 12:00pm, Sunday, June 19th


Professor Valley, Near Moab, Utah

INQUIRIES: This Workshop is SOLD OUT. For other Star Passages programs, visit:
Please contact Galaxy at with questions or to be put on the waiting list.


$955 (includes program fees, camp facilities, camp cots (inside Lakota style teepees), and all meals (from dinner on 6/13 through lunch on 6/19).

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: (Before Valentine’s Day) $895

An equipment list will be provided; Cots are provided while sleeping pads and bags are available for rent. Pads, which are required for both comfort and sanitation, are $7.  Sleeping bags rent for $20.



  • Arrive by 5:00pm  greetings & orientations

  • Dinner

  • Opening Circle 7:00pm


  • Introduction to Astrology, the 4 Elements, and 3 Modes

  • Introduction to Council Work, the Four Shields and Rites of Passage

  • The Yoga of Astrology (a 90-minute movement through the signs of the Zodiac)


  • Looking at the Past and the Future in the Horoscope

  • Partnering with Nature for guidance (& joy!)

  • Setting your Intentions for your Nature Solo/Rite of Passage - Natal Chart Readings

  • Introduction to Threshold and Self-Guided Ceremony

  • Possible Sweatlodge


  • Entering the Threshold:

24-hour Nature Solo/Rite of Passage (camp on your own overnight)


  • Return from Solo in the morning

  • Telling Your Stories: Guides Mirror for Empowerment and Life Integration

  • Petroglyphs


  • Finish Stories & Mirroring

  • Integration Conversation

  • Final Feast and Celebration


  • Breakfast and Heading Home




Kaypacha has more than 35 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He is the author of “The Pele Report”, a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.


nicoleNicole Lescher:

Nicole founded Rites of Awareness to re-sacrilize the human experience and reconstruct man’s relationship with the planet. Nicole participated in her first Rite of Passage at age 14 and since has been awed by personal transformation through connecting with one’s truth. Nicole received her BA in Psychology, focusing on transpersonal psychology, dreams, intuition, omens, and developing psychic awareness. Trained as a Vision Fast Guide with The School of Lost Borders she is a compassionate listener, truth seeker, and brings much passion, intensity and humor to her work. As midwife and mirror to ceremony, Nicole provides the space for those willing to go within, an opportunity to know themselves and share their gifts with their global community. (

GD 2(1)Galaxy Dancer:
Galaxy is passionate about bringing others into deep communion with nature. With her first Vision Quest in 2007, she experienced Nature as mirror and teacher, and learned that each of us can go to the wilderness for respite, healing, deep self-awareness, vision, and to spark our innate creativity. Here, in the wild, we enter into partnership with all of life to empower our own inner nature and deepest Truth. Galaxy has trained as a wilderness guide with the Way of Nature and the School of Lost Borders, where she learned the power of deep listening and council work. She has participated in programs with Animas Valley Institute, exploring her own consciousness and Soul connection. Working as a guide with Open Sky Wilderness Therapy taught her the value of honest communication within the safety of a group dedicated to serving one another’s growth. Galaxy's intention is to listen deeply as a witness to people’s stories of connection to nature and spirit, and to empower them in the full expression of their deepest truths. (




10 thoughts on “Star Passages 2, Utah

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  2. Hello. Will you have any talks in June I can’t stay for the 14-19 but I would like to go to one of your meets to hear you speak. Thanks for all that you do. charhef

  3. Hello, I want to ask where to find the refund policy since, you are stating to be sure to read that?
    Thank you

    This program is calling to me and I would love to attend. I lived in Mancos in the mid ’70’s, have been to Moab and Canyonlands, and understand the attraction of this special location.

    I should ask about the sleeping pads because I have back problems and may need to bring an additional pad or something.

  4. Hello! How much camping experience is necessary for this? (Especially for the solo overnight)

    Also, will meals include meat and/or fish?


    • Hi Mackenzie,

      No camping experience necessary! All meals are vegetarian. The 2016 program is full, but we will be happy to put you on the wait list. The email address for questions is above in red.

      Thanks for writing, and we hope to see you in a workshop soon!

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