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June 15, 2022 Astrology Forecast

June 15, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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I come to the mountains, forests and streams,
To connect with my heart and soul.
Sitting in silence under the Sun,
I know all that I need to know.

Hola Nature Lovers!

I hate to keep pounding the same drum I’ve been beating for years, but the sooner everyone gets out of the cities, the better off they will be! Unfortunately, cities worldwide are becoming hotbeds not just of EMFs from all the 5G towers but of the psychic Wetiko mass formation psychosis. Homelessness, drug use/abuse, crime, muzzle mandates, transhumanism, surveillance, food/gas supply prices/shortages, and more have been and will continue to increase. This will all continue to grow (with inflation and drastic market shifts) as Uranus comes into conjunction with the north node in August. This does not mean it will ease up after that, as the Uranus/Saturn square will intensify through to the end of the year.

I say this here because when I am giving the Pele Report, I am under the impression that most of my listeners are surrounded by nature or soon will be. Therefore, I address more personal, soul issues that may be “overrided,” suppressed, ignored, or set aside by folks living in the city who are busy dealing with many more pressing matters. The astrological outlook from my perspective is that the quality of life will continue to decrease in heavily populated areas through 2025 as Saturn proceeds through Aquarius and then Pisces. By then, people’s psychic, mental, emotional, and physical health will be severely compromised if they haven’t taken the necessary steps to “naturalize” and make friends with their farmer, if not becoming one.

Believe me, when I share these simple, sweet mantras week after week, it is not because I am unaware of the challenges and insanity that we are all dealing with on a daily basis as members of the collective conscious/unconscious. Rather, as I speak of in today’s Pele Report, it remains important to focus upon the eternal rather than temporal, or subjective truths. Only through aligning ourselves with natural law will we weather the upcoming (and present) storm. Let’s hold onto our hats and brave this new world together!

I’m excited to be getting mobile again next month to see what’s happening in different cultures/countries around the globe (while I still can)! I have events lined up and open for registration in Spain, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The good news is I may also get over to my favorite place in England… Glastonbury! Stay tuned for more details on that, and I hope to see your smiling (or not) face in person sometime, somewhere soon. To learn more and signup for any of these events (they are all on different aspects of astrology/soul evolution), CLICK HERE!

I come to the mountains, forests and streams,
To connect with my heart and soul.
Sitting in silence under the Sun,
I know all that I need to know.

There’s always so much more to say! I’m trying to keep these short because I know you are busy, and I got feedback after that 1/2 hour one that it was just too long! So this week, I’m sorry to not have even mentioned Black Moon Lilith (seen in the thumbnail and opening) conjuncting the Sun at the 27th degree of Gemini. The Sabian symbol for that degree is: “A gypsy emerging from the forest wherein her tribe is encamped.” Feel into that one! 

This reminds me that I barely touched on depression but know that it is almost palpable in the air, though many seek to ignore it. Both Mars conjunct Chiron and Venus/nodes square Saturn have to do with feeling, remembering, and healing deep emotional wounds from this life and others. Let’s be clear, if you’re not feeling some sorrow and grief these days, you are out of touch with your humanity! Yet, as Shakespeare said: “Parting is but sweet sorrow.” Sitting in sadness can bring us down (or bring feelings up, whichever way you want to look at it) into deeper layers of our soul nature that hold many truths and bring tremendous self-knowledge.

Let’s remember that Aries/Mars rules both action and reaction. Chiron will bring to the surface times in the past when we have suffered as a result of “overacting,” possibly incurring damage on others or Gaia due to impulsive, indiscriminate, unconscious willfulness. Conversely, this conjunction may bring up memories when our “overreacting” brought blame, shame, or pain to others. And let’s not forget the opposite, as that is what Chiron’s wounds most often signify, UNDER acting, or failure to act or react when it was necessary, proper, and needed and we or others experienced pain as a result. 

The overdoing or underdoing symbolized by Chiron’s placement in your birth chart and in transit is a result of what I will call “soul fragmentation,” an aspect of yourself that has been separated from your soul identity from any number of past experiences and is therefore not connected, representing, or in alignment with your true nature. This week (and when Jupiter comes to Chiron next year) is a perfect time for soul retrieval wherein you call back these fragmented portions of your psyche. Have compassion for and forgive yourself (and others you may have blamed), and relax, exhale, and feel the relief of being reunited.

Of course, a natural selection for Taurus is Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence!” We might add that to the expanding Pele Report Playlist on Spotify too.
However, I did get goosebumps listening to this version of Amazing Grace. And I also loved this version of Kothbiro, Ayub Ogada.

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