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June 16, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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Sometimes Life requires that I,
Let go of something dear.
I can cry, cling, and resist,
Or have faith take the place of my fear.

Hola, Deep Divers!

The shift from Gemini to Cancer is like cliff diving. We’re up in the air until we let go, dive headfirst, and break through the surface, plunging ourselves deep down into the waters of feelings, fears, and psycho-spiritual rebirth. Now some may be down in those waters already, still reeling from the eclipse, but soon we’ll all be swimming in the same soup together! The waters may be cold at first and give us a shock, but we’ll get used to it.

As I mentioned in the report, our ability to quiet the ego and observe this all as a process gives us more awareness and can smooth out a lot of those rough edges. In comes astrology! There is no better way to get a glimpse of the “big picture” than astrology. That’s why I’m offering the online workshop “What Will Happen When” next month. If you would like to learn more about your chart and the ages at which your soul seeks change, this course is for you! Please CLICK HERE to find out more.

Members of the New Paradigm Astrology Community get 20% off not only of the What Will Happen When course but of everything NPA has to offer! That, along with a library of 100’s of videos, weekend Zoom calls with me, sharing with the 100’s of members, and more makes this the least expensive and most exciting way to learn astrology. Check out all the benefits HERE and join us!

Sometimes Life requires that I,
Let go of something dear.
I can cry, cling, and resist,
Or have faith take the place of my fear.

I remember a few different comedy acts where the clown or comedian frantically tries to keep together something (or someone) that is falling apart. They slap a piece back in place as more fall off the other side, and they run around to the other side, and as they’re putting that side back together, the other side falls apart. You get the idea that it could go on endlessly, but that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t keep it together. That’s what we may be feeling like after that eclipse in Gemini!

Our ego-mind wants to “keep it together,” maintain, remain, make strong. However, just like a sandcastle built on the beach, it only takes one wave to wash it away when the tide comes in. One of the kundalini mantras is “All things come from God, and all things go to God.” Repeating that one over and over and allowing it to sink in can help us center ourselves in the ocean on oneness instead of being castles in the sand. Try it out! 

Take A Pebble by ELP – short version and long version

Find out “All About Eclipses” here!

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