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June 22, 2022 Astrology Forecast

June 22, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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I’m ready to honor my feelings,
And dive deep down inside,
Find my own way and do my own thing,
Before life passes me by.

Hola Homemaker!

Here’s a week of hustle ‘n’ bustle on the homefront! Mars in Aries says, “Let’s go to the demonstration!” Sun in Cancer says, “Let’s chill at home!” Jupiter in Aries says, “Pack those bags and let’s fly!” The waning Moon has changing feelings depending on the hour and others’ tone of voice. What to do? In the calmest, soothing, and firm manner, Do It Yourself.

Yup, starting with next week’s new Moon especially, it will be time to practice self-care, nurturing, inner listening, and non-dependence. We can do this. It doesn’t mean we don’t care for others or that others need to care for all our needs. Black Moon Lilith will be setting the tone for this month as she conjuncts the new Moon by throwing us opportunities to break old habits of co-dependency. Which are rooted in the fear that we aren’t able to take care of ourselves, deep fear of being alone and abandoned, and unconsciously burden others with our emotional neediness.

As the Neptune Sabian symbol reminds us, we are unique individuals with different needs, responses, and desires. Therefore, everyone will respond differently to a given stimulus, and that’s BEAUTIFUL, SURPRISING, and can be INSPIRING. It doesn’t have to be threatening, scary, or unsettling, it’s just different people being different.

I’m excited to be heading out camping with my brothers this weekend. It’s family time! Let’s not forget that we chose these family members, and there is powerful dharma at work within the family dynamic, functional or dysfunctional. Our family, roots, and past have not only helped make us who we are today, but due to spiritual, karmic, and genetic ties, there are major learning opportunities through these relationships, particularly if you are not involved in others. It’s a great month to reach out, make amends, and resolve differences with love.

I’m ready to honor my feelings,
And dive deep down inside,
Find my own way and do my own thing,
Before life passes me by.

Speaking of Cancerian home, roots, family, and our personal history, I’m offering a workshop on the Astrology of Biography. Join me in Glastonbury this September!

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” It’s amazing how fear can freeze us, stop all growth, and result in what we fear actually befalling us. Cancerian emotional co-dependency has its roots deep down in the collective unconscious as it has to do with the fear of being born into this 3D world, to begin with. It’s not right or wrong, it just is. Whether we fall into its clutches and allow it to drive our choices is where evolution (or devolution) happens. Again, courage is acting in the face of fear, not getting rid of it.

So this week, as the Moon wanes down and closes her cycle, we can say goodbye to childhood fears and memories of not being supported or nurtured. That was then, and now is now. With this new Moon we can start a new habit pattern of emotional self-sufficiency to go along with Taurus north node calling for physical autonomy. Then no one will be a burden on anyone else, so we can just enjoy, play, create, and love! Let’s do it!

This week’s #1 song is Homeward Bound!
#2 is Can’t Find My Way Home.

So Much Love,

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