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If I'm feeling stopped or blocked,
Something holding me back,
It may be Spirit guiding me,
Toward another track.

Welcome the full Moon conjunct Saturn! This full Moon in Capricorn is a time for decision making! A time to further commit or get out and commit to something that you see as helping you reach future goals. Decisions possibly born out of decisions you made last Christmas and now need to strengthen or modify.

The thing to remember here is that our decisions take us out of the infinite world of potential (Neptune) and ground us in this 3D world of Saturn which is where "things happen." So what really ends up happening is that our decisions MAKE US WHO WE ARE. You can be whatever you want, rebel, builder, destroyer, explorer, dancer, whatever, but you have to decide and every decision brings you closer or farther away from your "true identity." Hence the pressure we're feeling now..... it's really the pressure to reflect on just who we want to be. Happy hunting!

One thought on “June 27, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. ( I could not post this comment the site is advising me that I already said that but perhaps I can not post 2 comments in arow (!?) ) So I came ‘retrograde ‘ 😉 overhere Hi there !! I am so happy, I can not contain my joy so…. I want to share my new of yesterday ; my future grand child ( Scorpio/Sage cusp ) will be a baby girl !! 😀 Youpie ! ! The mother Virgo /Cap Moonin Gemini already have 2 young boys ( Scorpio & Leo) the father is my youngest ‘Sun’ Virgo/ Leo, Moon in Libra AND my news of a moment ago ; I just made a deal with the land owner to get a brand new outside workshop to remake my dragon wings as I saw it; like Bats wings instead of the yin/yang symbol this is oneof the most important support I received for my art works creatures to be born out in the world . this is soooooo amazingly highly synchronistic !! 😀 because I just learn , this man’s maternal grand mother is the woman who gave me the solution , the proper technique to manipulate enough the matter so I could trans mute something hard & thick into something smooth & maleable to form the wings of my dragon This is mind blowing how everything come into place magicaly for REAL LIFE changing ( Tim please note that in the story : the trail made of bread crumbs get them lost ( like the in the expression the means justify the ends sort of …spiritualy gets us lost ‘imho’) if you remember well, it’s all been eated by the birds so the children have to change their approaches to keep track of their advancement so they choose white stone so to me this mean,s on the symbolic level that it is angular stones ( marking events )that indicate the future direction to take for the next part of the path on our own healing journey 😉 ) By the way, , if anyone answer, I do not believe in astrology say yes exactly ; because it is not a believe it is a full time living EXPERIENCE if you are enough aware of how you feel (period ) 😀 The warrior of light push in the same sens ,instead of opposing force… always learn from the ‘ennemy’ . I LOVE ( my own old soul ) also you Kaypacha and the Masters Dreamers team held dearly in my heart space. mucho mucho y mas mas XOX GRACIAS
    Nota bene: This Super Moon picture with the sail boat is one of my favorite posted picture on face de bouc or fake boost…. ;-P sassy pirate of high seas … xox

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